Cashew Mirman’s “Ross Atkins Be Rappin'” Is, Naturally, Gold

If you’re not familiar with the work of Cashew Mirman, who of late has been doing his thing for Homestand Sports (aka the folks behind Pitch Talks events), I’ve got some good news for you: there are a whole bunch of great Jays flavoured YouTube clips out there for you to enjoy?

Josh Donaldson: King of the Fucking Jungle? Fuck yes!

Knuckles and the Hippie? Legendary! (And not just because the 2015 Jays, it turned out, were not quite “dead in the water *COUGH*.)

The one where I called a bunch of people garbage clowns? Not to shabby!

And now he’s got a fresh one out, to help get the word around about some upcoming Pitch Talks events from Homestand Sports — including a February event featuring Ross Atkins as well as Bob Kendrick of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, and one in April with Mark Shapiro. It’s a Playstation era video game spoof — Ross Atkins Be Rappin’!

Check out more of Cashew’s stuff on the Homestand Sports YouTube channel, and some classics on his own YouTube page.