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Marcus Stroman Has Many Kind Words For José Bautista

José Bautista is a Toronto Blue Jays legend. There’s no doubt about it, and one can’t really say enough to that end. He defined Toronto Blue Jays baseball for a decade, and was central to making the team popular and relevant again. And, as I wrote last September as his time as a Blue Jay was coming to an end, he took way more shit from way more people than he ever deserved to, and he did it like a champion.


José Bautista: the best.

And one player who knows all that as well as anybody, and who — as you’ll see below — has as great an admiration for the Jays’ former superstar as anybody, is Marcus Stroman.

Stroman spoke today in a video for the Players’ Tribune about what Bautista meant to him, to the team, and how he was taken under the slugger’s wing from the very beginning.