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Could Jarrod Dyson Be the Jays’ Missing Outfield Puzzle Piece?

On Monday over at Sportsnet, Jeff Blair had a new column up, in which he offered up opinion flashes that I cannot stop reading in the voice of Norm MacDonald as Larry King. I suspect that he’s doing this because he’s blocked so many people on Twitter that in order to actually have anybody read his tweeted out thoughts he needed to come up with an entirely new media format. (Full disclosure: I like Blair! And yet I too am one of the many, many, many, many people he’s blocked.)

Whatever the reasoning, regarding the Jays he laid this on us:

The Blue Jays were in enough on free agent Lorenzo Cain that they called his agent to check in just before making the trade for Randal Grichuk. I still think the Jays add one more outfield bat before spring training.

Take that last bit for whatever you think it’s worth, but I don’t think it’s outrageous to think that the Jays might yet think they can scoop up a free agent who could potentially help them for next to no money. The opportunity for improvement is there, I think. Making the pieces actually fit, though, isn’t going to be easy.

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There’s one piece I see that might fit well enough to shift everything around for him, though: Jarrod Dyson.

No, really!

The left-handed hitter, and former Royals centrefielder, is still out there looking to be signed. MLBTR predicted he’d land a deal for two years and $12 million — and that was before the offseason started and the market got soft. For a team like the Blue Jays, who have Anthony Alford coming, and fellow right-handed hitters Randal Grichuk or Teoscar Hernández to cover centrefield against left-handed pitching in the meantime, Dyson kinda looks like an ideal piece at what I can only assume will be an ideal price. That is, were it not for the club’s incumbent centrefielder.

True, Dyson doesn’t have much of a bat, but the shape of the production that he does provide would, in my view, look a whole lot better here than what the Jays can expect from Kevin Pillar. Consider:

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  • Dyson’s lack of power drags down his wRC+ vs. RHP, but in 2017 his mark in that split was still 100. He slashed .271/.342/.388.
  • Even though in 2016 he produced just an 86 wRC+ against right-handers, he did so with a .328 on-base.
  • Dyson is a strong defender, a very good base runner, and he’s been worth 5.2 WAR over the last two seasons.

Pillar has many of the same qualities: great defender, not many steals but a very good base runner nonetheless, and he’s been worth the exact same WAR, per Fangraphs, over the last two years. But where the two players really diverge is against right-handed pitching.

We tend to focus on a hitter’s overall numbers, and in that regard Pillar is… uh… pretty unimpressive. After posting a 92 wRC+ in 2015, he’s dipped to 81 and then 85 over the past two seasons. But you may be surprised to learn that when hitting against left-handed pitching, Pillar was a monster in 2017. He posted a 148 wRC+ and slashed .336/.381/.559 over 155 PA in the split. Those are terrific numbers, but what they mean, of course, is that to come up with his 85 wRC+ in the overall, he had to be downright pitiful against right-handers.

Over 477 plate appearances against right-handed pitching in 2017, Pillar’s wRC+ slumped to just 64. It was at 78 the year before. The last calendar month in which he posted a wRC+ above 100 against right-handers was September of 2015 (though, to be fair, since then he’s had two months at 99 and one at 100 exactly). Over the last two calendar years, Pillar’s on-base vs. RHP has been .288. For Dyson the number is .335 (albeit in 283 fewer plate appearances).

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The Jays, given the CF-capable right-handed hitters on their roster, would be better off with Dyson than Pillar, I think. Because he hits from the left side, Dyson would provide nicer, easier, more natural cover for Anthony Alford when his time arrives, allowing the youngster days off against tough righties, or being able to spell him for long stretches if he hits a slump. And until then, Dyson would give the club better production that Pillar in a much more important split, while serving as a lead-off type hitter and a genuine base-stealing threat.

Hypothetically, from left to right, the outfield against lefties could be Pearce, Grichuk, Hernández, while right-handers would see an outfield of Granderson, Dyson, Grichuk. Defensively, that’s not even bad.

Granted, carrying five outfielders is probably too many, but that’s where the team is at now anyway. Alternatively, though, they could move out Pearce and go with Yangervis Solarte, Devon Travis, or Aledmys Diaz in left field against left-handers.

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Shit, that might even work! But therein lies a not-insignificant problem: how do you move out Pearce and get anything close to value back? How do you move Ezequiel Carrera? How do you move Kevin Pillar for something halfway decent when a team could just go out and grab Dyson?

Do you take pennies on the dollar for those guys? Do you eat a bunch of money and try to at least get some kind of a prospect in return? Is that pretty much all that you can do? Because if so, I could see the Jays balking. It’s not exactly good business to give up actual assets for the kinds of tiny returns I’m imagining here. Then again, maybe that’s just the reality of what those assets are worth today — maybe that value isn’t coming back, and they should perhaps just suck it up and think about going hard for something like this total revamp of a 2017 outfield that was, to put it politely, fucking inadequate.

I don’t know! Maybe there’s something I’m missing here, but if I were the Blue Jays, tough as it might be to jettison three outfielders who still have genuine utility (including one whose glove is still so elite that he’s actually pretty good), I think I could do a whole lot worse. A whooole lot. Including, I think, what they already have on the roster right now.

Make it happen!

  • Formerly the Smasher

    Dyson turns 34 this year and most of his value comes from his legs. Those type of guys usually throw out some big regression at this time of their careers according to fangraphs.

    Serious question, if Bautista would take it which would you prefer:

    Dyson at 6 million.
    Bats at a base of 1-2 million with big incentives. (assuming the eye stuff true)

    • LOL. I’d take Dyson over Bautista at literally any cost, and I don’t believe the eye stuff at all and don’t know why anyone would. And the regression boogeyman thing I keep seeing people talk about is really weird — yes there are greater risks as players age, but there’s risk in every player, and I really think the worry gets overstated, unless you’re talking about a long-term deal. A player’s previous year’s performance is a better indicator of what he’ll do than just looking at his age. The aging curve basically shaves a half win off per year from ages 31-37, and that’s just an average — some are above, some are below. Dyson is still one of the fastest players in the league — less so than a couple years ago (Statcast has him at 28.8 ft/s to first base in 2017, was at 30.0 in 2015), but among the top 1/3 of CF, which is like top 10% of the league. It’s not *not* some level of a concern, but there are always concerns no matter who the player is. Best to weigh them and not just hold up one and insist it’s really scary.

      • ErnieWhitt

        Also – if the deal is short (given he was projected to get 2 years prior to this crazy offseason), then the concerns about regression have to be somewhat muted. Sure – anything can happen, but you aren’t worried about year 4 or 5 like you would have been with Cain.

        If Pillar could be moved in some kind of package to land even a decent 5th starter I would jump at the chance to make this type of thing happen. Its a creative way to stay competitive (arguably get much more competitive if you factor in a SP upgrade) and not block someone like Alford who despite the fact that he has a serious lack of ABs against pitching above high A, is looking like a far superior long term option in CF than Pillar.

    • J. Paquin

      True, but as mentioned in an earlier article his speed is “elite” and losing a few steps will still keep him in the “well above average” range. Plus he is a good base runner and has a decent eye, that is not entirely dependent on speed.

  • Knuckleballs

    Agguh! I think some pieces have to move before the Jays do anything with Dyson. Jays need a 4th or 5th starter and some more BP pieces. So unless Shakins can move some outfielders to help out in these other areas I do think the OF is probably set. But maybe with all these incumbents for CF, maybe could light a match under Pillars but to hit.

  • ice_hawk10

    nah, this would be a very poor use of resources. 5 OFs already on the roster, who are all useful to varying degrees, and at least 2, maybe 3 young OFs hanging out in AAA. we need another marginal OF like we need another hole in our head.

    as usual Jeff Blair is both dumb and full of shit.

  • Chappy

    I think it would be great move. The Jays need a guy that gets on base and plays a great centre field. Its just not going to happen for Pillar. I also think you are on the right track with the other pieces, i don’t think there is a lot of trade value in the extras ( Pearce, Carrera, Morales) because they all have big flaws, big enough that they are not much better than a rookie that hits less, but is faster and plays better defence. There is too much risk associated with any of them to bring something back of serious value. You let those pieces go for anything you can get for them ( in Morales case even eat some of that contract) and then sub in players like Dyson that are flawed, just not as flawed and get step by step better over all so you can compete. I think they have done just that so far, bit better in every trade, they need to keep up the trend so whole line-up up and down is improved.

  • AD

    Dyson is very, very mediocre. He hits better than Pillar but its not saying much. This OF just might be the most mediocre OF in the majors as currently constructed. No stars/upside there at all (sorry not a fan of Grichuk and his .280 obp). Also, I think you can deal pillar and pearce for value. I’ve read so many posters here tell me how “valuable” pillar is and how he is better than OFers like Cutch. Surely dealing him wouldn’t be an issue? (LOL- of course other teams know that he sucks) but he can be a useful 4th OFer aginst lefty pitching and make highlight plays (no, seriously).

    • GrumblePup

      I can’t believe I’m replying to you again but here we go: Saying that Pillar has value to the Jays is an accurate statement. His defensive ability offsets his offensive production in a positive way. You continually state that Pillar is worthless and has no place on a roster. When commenters here disagree with you, no one is saying that Pillar is some sort of amazing superstar. Just that he does provide positive value to the Jays.

      However, that does not mean that he provides the same value to other teams. (ie. if other teams have a CF with higher offensive output. or any other number of reasons)
      It also means, that maybe other teams do value Pillar for exactly the same reason the Jays do, but the player you’d get back in a trade probably doesn’t make the Jays better. (ie, the Jays sure could use another starting pitcher, but chances are Pillar alone doesn’t land you a starting pitcher).

      So yeah, it’s not gonna be easy to trade Pillar, but that doesn’t mean everyone who has disagreed with you about his value is a hypocrite.

      • AD

        I don’t think you can get a starter back for pillar but a good reliever could be doable. Question is, who needs another OFer who excels at d? Pillar is just not an everyday guy, better suited to be a platoon OFer against lefty pitching. He is kind of like reed johnson back in the day.

      • ErnieWhitt

        “Chances are Pillar doesn’t land you a starting pitcher”.

        Why are we conducting this thought experiment in a universe where trades need to be made 1 for 1? They could easily flip a prospect w/ Pillar to get a decent option at SP, while signing Dyson to fit into their other outfield options.

        • GrumblePup

          You’re right Ernie, I was speaking in absolutes and ignoring the fact that Pillar could be part of a package.
          My point wasn’t supposed to be that he can only be dealt in a 1 for 1 trade. My point was more speaking to the ” I’ve read so many posters here tell me how “valuable” pillar is and how he is better than OFers like Cutch. Surely dealing him wouldn’t be an issue? (LOL- of course other teams know that he sucks)” comment.

          As stated, no one here (as far as I can tell) thinks Pillar is some god level super star. Just that he does provide positive value to the Jays and other teams might not see him in the same light as us because nothing exists in a vacuum. And that just because a player works for one team doesn’t mean that every single team would value them the same way.

          • GrumblePup

            I guess I should also point out that I’m in no way saying that Pillar needs to stay and that the Jays couldn’t do better than Pillar. But I do think it will be harder to trade Pillar and also make the team better at the same time than AD seems to think.

            Even if you trade Pillar as part of a package, you have to think about “ok what did we give up in order to get a relief pitcher (or SP, or whatever)”.
            In any trade, you have to give up something to get something (for the most part. Some trades don’t work out, but obviously at the time of the trade, each team thought they were getting something out of the deal, otherwise they wouldn’t do it). You have to weigh “We gave up Pillar and prospects a and b in order to receive pitcher A” against whether or not pitcher A provides more value to the team than Pillar and prospects a and b. Maybe it works out, maybe it doesn’t.
            But it’s not as simple as “people say Pillar is valuable, so then why don’t the Jays trade him because obviously someone will want him.”

    • Holly Wood

      That’s funny AD, you clearly don’t value Pillar as a player, but you feel him and Pearce can be dealt for value. My question to you is which one is it

  • dolsh

    The probability of Pillar and Dyson having similar enough seasons to not give a shit between the two is high enough that I’d just rather watch Superman all year.

    • What everybody seems to be missing is the splits. Dyson is a much better fit because of it, even if their value in a vacuum would be similar. Pillar kills you against RHP and Dyson doesn’t. And though Dyson struggles against LHP, the Jays have cover for that situation. There’s no cover for Pillar against RHP.

      • Voidhelix

        Yeah, we should just platoon every single player, then switch them out like relievers. Who needs guys who can hit both RH and LH pitchers, when you can use them situationally?

        • The Humungus

          I mean, it’s how the 2013 Red Sox won the world series with shitbags like Jonny Gomes on the roster. Platoons where you don’t have guys who can hit both sides.

          But sure, you seem to know a lot about errrr something.

          • Teddy Ballgame

            Well, to be fair, those Red Sox did also have a very solid starting rotation, a killer bullpen, prime Pedroia and Ortiz, and some very very nice players who had excellent years (Ellsbury, Victorino, Napoli, etc). Not so say there couldn’t be some magic that the 2018 Jays could capture, but I think that Red Sox team had a higher floor.

            The platoon idea makes sense given the Jays roster and what we know of the budget. It’s a transition year, so you try to put out the best product you can without trading prospects or blowing wads of cash. But I do wish the ceiling seemed a little higher, you know?

      • Terry Mesmer

        > What everybody seems to be missing is the splits.

        Yes! I was promoting a Dyson signing on other blogs some time ago but got crapped on about 1) WRC and 2) fans thinking Pillar would be on the bench 75% of the time.

  • jeffc

    Would you assume 3yrs @ $49M remaining on Ian Kennedy’s deal by parting with the remaining 2yrs @ $23M remaining on Morales in order to get Dyson and give you greater flexibility?

      • Teddy Ballgame

        I’d like to believe that Kendrys just had a down year. I know it’s an incredibly imperfect comparison (especially given the age difference) but I remember Jays fans wanting to run Edwin out of town on a rail for his miserable seasons in 2010 and 2011, and me saying to the few who would listen that he needed to be given another chance. Morales may continue to stink, or he could have a solid year – both are plausible outcomes. Baseball can be weird that way.

        • I just want to believe on those exit velocities, but as someone was saying (here? on twitter? BPTO?) he hits a lot of ground balls, which is going to have to change if it’s going to get better. Not much use for exit velocity if you’re bashing it into the carpet. I do have some hope, though. The last four months of 2016 were really good, and he was still legit elite as a RHB vs LHP, which hopefully means his bat hasn’t slowed from the other side, but… we shall see. I keep talking like I believe, but I won’t be surprised if I’m way wrong on that.

          • jeffc

            I’m in agreement a strong season from Morales would be preferred vs. dumping for another undesired contract. I still prefer to keep Pearce and my earlier suggestion for swapping Morales for Kennedy was to shift the committed $$$ to the rotation and open up more room for the collection of OFs… including the idea to sign Dyson. Not sure there is a similar bad contract out there that would offer similar roster flexibility. If rumour is true that Atkins would send prospects with Morales to get the contract off the books then the FO must be exploring options.

  • Pramit

    If you can unload Steve Pearce’s deal then it’s worth moving him – even if you get nothing back. The open roster spot and financial savings can be used more effectively.

    • The Humungus

      This. All day. People need baseball season to start. It’s amazing that we can get nearly 200 comments on three articles about Yelich AFTER he’s traded somewhere else.

  • Darkhorse1

    Jays should get in touch with the Rockies who seem to be’looking for a 1st base bat and have multiple interesting young players who are blocked and might be available.

  • Wuckin'Pa'Nub

    I like the idea. The league is full of these platoon players who get miscast . Pillar has no business facing RHP and his solid but deteriorating defensive prowess does not make up for it. I don’t mind having a few one side platoon hitters on the team when they are LH (like Granderson and Dyson) because you face so many more RH pitchers .

  • CM

    Well thought out there is merit to your idea. That said they really need a starter more, so as an armchair gm I would focus on trying to hack salary Pearce, morales etc in the best deal you can get and then use the cash to sign the best pitcher you can for the available $ the team has. Hopefully Cobb but you could take Lynn. Then move JB to the pen and sign a LOOGY maybe Watson or Abad. If trading pillar and something from the farm (not Vlad or bo) gets you a decent pitcher that’s ok too. Then sign Dyson as a secondary move. But he’s not a priority’s in a vacuum.

    • Words On The Birds

      I like the thought process.
      The only issue in the specifics is that you would be selling low on Morales, and signing Lynn is a scary prospect. Cobb would be a dream !

      Pillar + a Patrick Murphy/ Harold Ramirez type = 5th starter
      Pillar + a Max Pentacost/ Justine Maese type = 3rd/ 4th starter

  • vic

    Dyson makes a lot of sense because, despite the Jays having “five outfielders” right now, they really don’t. Pearce is a 1B/DH and Zeke can’t play CF or anywhere else very well based on the defensive metrics (and eye test). Dyson would be a great 4th outfielder/pinch runner/defensive replacement.

  • Mule or etc...

    The market hasn’t gotten soft. The market is slow and there is a difference. When guys are signing they are still signing for their predicted AAV and number of years.

    I will say it’s interesting that the guy who told me Kevin Pillar was a bad player is now enamored with signing his left-handed doppelganger. It seems like a “rearrange the deck chairs” kind of move that’s dependent on some big “ifs” like moving Pearce (which isn’t happening unless TO eats the 6 mil he’s owed.)

    I’d say the biggest red flag is that Dyson put up a .674 OPS last year. He only had 55 PAs against lefties meaning that he was heavily platooned and still put up bad numbers against his strong side. It’s nice to talk about OBP but you can’t ignore the SLG side of the equation and Dyson provides no value there.

    • Mule or etc...

      I will also add that the problem isn’t Pillar. Many teams have won many championships with a defense first .650 OPS guy at the bottom of the lineup. The Jays problem last year was that they ran out four Pillars with Bautista, Martin, and Tulo. The only difference was Pillar costs a lot less, stayed healthy and added defensive value.

      Now why no one talks about what is to be done with Martin and Tulo? Well probably cause their contracts are immovable and we’re stuck with them but hey, let’s extend Donaldson and so in a few years we can replace their dead weight with his.

          • The Humungus

            Right, but over the last three seasons, Russell Martin has been the 4th best catcher in baseball by combined fWAR, where Pillar has only been the 14th best CF by the same metric.

            Further, 9 catchers have played more games than Russell, whereas only one CF has played more games than Pillar.

            So, yes, in a vacuum, Pillar has more WAR. But, Martin is more valuable because after Buster Posey, catchers suck.

          • Mule or etc...

            And a bit more on Martin. Most of that value came in 2015. The last two years he was worth less than 2 WAR. He ranked 18th in WAR last year for catchers and 12th the year before. He’s got two years left at 20 mil, which I believe, and I could be wrong, is more than any other catcher makes.

          • The Humungus

            It’s less than Posey, and the same as Yadi.

            And seriously? Using 2015 as an argument against Russell? “Most” of Pillar’s WAR was from 2015 as well. You can do better.

            As far as value goes you can’t really compare that when you’re talking guys in their arb year versus free agents. In a world where Free Agents get about $8M per WAR (at the time Martin’s contract was signed), Martin has essentially provided exactly what he’s been paid for through his first three years.

        • Mule or etc...

          Oh, and are Martin and Tulo in the first years of their extention/FA contract? Nope looks like they aren’t so your comparison is a little off. Problem is, you aren’t extending Donaldson for one year which I would be totally on board for. But in a few years he’ll be a .850 OPS 1B making 25 mil when you can get that on the FA market these days for about 2 mil.

    • 1) Some have, some haven’t. Of the few that have signed, that is. You might ultimately be proven right, but I doubt it. Still, congratulations on attempting to use this pedantic point to make it look like you’re not about to lay a bunch of nonsense on us.

      2) I will say it’s interesting that you’d acknowledge the one thing that makes him a much better fit here than Pillar (his left-handedness at the plate), then ham-fistedly press on as though you don’t get that just so you can be argumentative.

      3) Dyson slashed .271/.342/.388 against RHP in 2017, Pillar slashed .230/.274/.354 in the split. For Dyson’s career it’s .267/.331/.372, and for Pillar it’s .252/.292/.373. And Pillar has played his home games in a much more favourable offensive environment. Maybe attempt to understand what you’re arguing against before you go furiously typing that something’s wrong just because I said it.

      • Mule or etc...

        How is being left-handed in a division where four of the five parks heavily favor right-handed hitters an asset? Also using career numbers? Jarrod Dyson is 33. What he did in 2006 isn’t really relevant.

        And sorry for your persecution complex. Jesus Christ. I was debating a point I disagree with but sowwwy, I guess it’s all about you. Again. Jesus Christ.

        • Mule or etc...

          And I guess this needs pointing out. The Jays playoff teams were completely stacked with right-handed hitting. The idea that the Jays need more lefties just for the nebulous ideal of “balance” is silly and there’s no data to suggest that a certain ratio of lefty/righty hitters is either optimum or necessary.

          The only actual plus is in lineup contstruction where you hope your #2 hitter is a lefty to reduce GIDPs. But you still just put your best hitter there and hey, if he’s a lefty, that’s a plus.

          • It is not about “balance” or about an optimum ratio. That 2015 lineup could handle RHP just fine, but the 2017 version of the Jays could not. The 2017 Jays had a 90 wRC+ vs RHP, in 2015 the number was 115. They need to get better in that split — pretty simple stuff.

            The park factor stuff isn’t correct, but wouldn’t be terribly relevant if it was. Dyson’s career numbers, however, absolutely are relevant. The farther back you go the less relevant it becomes, but if you had actually looked it up instead of lazily shitting out attempted counterarguments just for the sake of it, you might have noticed that despite being 33 (though his most recent season was his age-32 year), Dyson barely played at the MLB level until 2012, so we’re not going back to 2006 or whatever nonsense year you tried to pull out there. Also: had you actually read my reply and not just furiously started typing things to try to undermine what I was saying, regardless of how much or little sense they made, you might have noticed that his 2017 numbers were better than his career numbers, so I was doing your (flimsy) case a favour by including more data. You’re welcome.

            As for the “persecution complex,” my apologies, maybe you’re an ass to everybody and not just me specifically.

          • Mule or etc...

            If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been commenting on this blog for years. If you haven’t noticed, you are the only one who takes baseball disagreements personally. But yeah, the problem is me and the legions of people who used to comment here and have left because you are an emotional child.

        • Teddy Ballgame

          It’s an interesting business approach – insult with both barrels the people who have been regular readers/supporters of the blog for years. Step 3 – Profit!

          • Mule or etc...

            Yep, I’m done here. Mostly because Stoeten, who for some reason I actually defended on other blogs where people are incredibly eager to point out how caustic he is can’t separate his ego from the discussion.

            And I’ll point out that Stoeten was making the personal attacks. I was trying to make a baseball argument. Honestly, I’ve I conducted myself the way he does any time someone disagrees with him I wouldn’t have a business.

            And one last thing Stoeten. You said me pointing out that players aren’t going for cheap was “pedantic” when it was the whole crux of your argument. So kindly fuck off. Enjoy the fragility of your sad little ego.

        • Teddy Ballgame

          Yeah, I noticed that you never got personal, Mule. Weird that little debates about a fun sport somehow go off the rails here lately. Happy trails if you’re gone. I personally love Hum & Chuck, but unfortunately Joanna doesn’t post that much.

  • Just Jeff

    I like the idea behind this move, but given budget constraints, I’d prefer they dump whatever money they have left into a 5th starter.

    But I have another idea that will likely get totally crapped on…..but here goes….

    What about Roemon Fields?

    He has elite speed, is allegedly an elite defender (just what I’ve read, haven’t seen him in action), and last year he hit righties well at AAA (slashed .320/.384/.399 in 253 AB’s). Now he hadn’t shown the ability to hit lefties or righties before last season, so I understand any lack of trust in his ability to hit, but doesn’t he at least give you most of what Dyson would give you, at a fraction of the cost (he’d be making league minimum)? I’d rather they do that and use whatever money they have left to sure up the rotation and bullpen.

    • You make a good point, though how are those numbers going to translate? Probably not very well.

      And given that they were willing to take money back for Yelich, I dont’t think the budget is necessarily as tight as you’re assuming. Especially if — as this scenario proposes — you find a home for Pillar and Pearce (and maybe Carrera). Might have to eat some money to do that, but could probably make it close to cash neutral to dump those three and add Dyson… y’know, if that were all possible.

  • Drunk Damaso Garcia

    Signing Carrera was redundant. Like why would you resign this guy with so many other options at this position & needs at others? Proof there isn’t a “process.” Team is stuck with a bunch of spare parts in the outfield. None of whom possess much value.

  • vic

    I wonder if there is a trade for Pillar that fills a need at another position, and opens up CF potentially for a player like Dyson. The Jays were apparently close to getting Yelich, and if that happened, I can’t imagine they would have benched Grichuk or Grandy, so we may have seen a Yelich/Grichuk/Grandy lineup in that scenario with KP as the odd man out. Maybe there is a move where the Jays could trade Pillar for a SP and then sign Dyson to replace him?


    You like Blair and he blocked you?
    Sounds familiar but I can’t put my finger on it.
    Anywho. Wilner and Davidi were on the Dyson train in December. Don’t know if they still are. I like what Shapiro has done here. I’d run with what they got right now and adjust into the season once you see what you got in AAA. If Hernandez can get his k% down or Pompey can show he’s past the concussion/ knee issues or Alford can advance, then they’re better choices for the season and the future.Let’s see what you got.
    And just for you I’ll add, IMHO.

  • Steve-O

    Dyson would be a fine addition. The thing that probably prevents it from happening is at the end of your post – it would amount to (unusually) bad asset management from this FO to be left trying to unload one or more of Pearce/Carrera/Pillar when everyone knows they need to dump one of them. Now, if they were able to swing a deal first, with some kind of handshake deal in place with Dyson…? But I guess that’s probably not the way things happen.

    Dyson or not, I like the way this roster is shaping up. One more SP please!

  • Shawkr

    1. Trade Morales + Pillar + Carrera + Tellez to CHW for PTBNL.
    2. Trade Pannone + Harris to NYY for Sheffield, Adams and Ellsbury.
    3. Sign Brett Anderson to cheap one year deal.

    Leaves ~$10M to fill out bench and bullpen, given payroll of $165M. The young guys (Sheffield, Adams, Borucki, Biagini, Guerrieri) compete in camp against Anderson for the 5th rotation spot. Obviously hinges on how motivated NYY are to clear Ellsbury’s contract.

    Line-up against RHP:
    CF Ellsbury (L)
    2B Travis (R) or Solarte (S)
    3B Donaldson (R)
    1B Smoak (S)
    SS Tulo (R)
    C Russ (R)
    DH Grandy (L)
    RF Grichuk (R)
    LF Teoscar (R)

    And against LHP:

    2B/DH Travis (R)
    C Martin (R)
    3B/DH Donaldson (R)
    1B Smoak (S)
    SS/DH Tulo (R)
    LF/DH Pearce (R)
    RF Grichuk (R)
    IF/OF Diaz (R) or Solarte (S)

    • Steve-O

      Those are some wild trades, my man.

      And with the young OFers the Jays have on the roster and in AAA (Grichuk, Alford, Pompey, Hernandez) do you really want Ellsbury locked in until 2020? Hard pass. If the Jays are going to trade for a corner OFer make it for someone with a bigger bat please.