Jose Bautista Wants To Play For The Rays

We’ve all accepted that Jose Bautista won’t be playing with the Blue Jays this season. But are we ready to watch him suit up for the Tampa Bay Rays? It looks like that might be a thing.

Like Desmond Jennings and Steven Souza in the past, there’s always been a Ray who pounds the crap out of the Blue Jays while they tour the House of Horrors. As the Road Guy aptly points out, Jose Bautista, the Blue Jays legend who had a miserable season in 2017 in what would ultimately be his farewell tour with the club, would most certainly be that random Ray to hit a whole bunch of homers off of the Jays.

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According to the MLBTR article, Bautista is keenly interested in playing for the Rays. I mean, at this point, I’m sure he’s just keenly interested in playing and the Rays have given away a few outfielders in the past weeks and a bit so it makes quite a bit of sense. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Bautista is a Tampa Bay resident.

Apparently Tampa Bay’s general manager thinks the team can be, uh, a middle of the pack team this season.

“This is a season, as things stand now, where on paper we’re somewhere in that middle territory yet again. But what’s been building underneath is getting awfully close to colliding with what’s a middle-of-the-pack team. And when those things come together, you’ve got a chance for something special.”

Suuuuure? This is the guy who DFAd Corey Dickerson and traded away everyone on the roster that isn’t just a random computer generated name. He’s likely bullshitting here as we all know the Rays are tanking, but maybe the acquisition of a slightly used Jose Bautista could get some butts in seats at that abandoned Costco in Tampa.