151. Donaldson, Depth, and Doing Extensions

An appreciation of Josh Donaldson, a look at the Jays’ depth, a consideration of Marcus Stroman’s contract extension, and so much more! It’s time for an action packed edition of Birds All Day! PLUS! For Patreon supporters only, we’ve got even more #content on its way, in which Drew and I extend today’s podcast with…


Join Us For Birds All Day LIVE On Opening Day!

Not able to get a ticket to the Blue Jays’ first game of the season? Prefer not to pay into Jays’ top tier dynamic pricing option? Rather watch the game in a bat with a bunch of friends? Just not ready to see in person what the new-look Yankees lineup does to Marcus Stroman? Hell,…


Fun With Blue Jays Photo Day!

This morning in Dunedin, the Blue Jays are participating in a well worn spring training tradition: photo day! And though the officially official photos are, at the time of this writing, still just starting to roll in (you can see a bunch of those by searching “Blue Jays” at Getty Images), there are enough cameras…


The Rays Have Given Up

When they tweeted this thing out I thought it was an honest, genuine, thing where the Tampa Bay Rays were going to show behind-the-scenes stuff for their couple-dozen fans. But in reality, the name Ray Tank was being taken in a much more literal context.


The Jays and Josh Donaldson Talked Extension, Didn’t Get Anywhere

Today in fairly unsurprising, but nonetheless noteworthy news: the Jays and Josh Donaldson are kind of far apart when it comes to trying to find a fair number for a contract extension. Were this not the case, they’d probably have had an extension in place by now. It is, however, disappointing stuff — made only…


Birds All Day Podcast: 149. Jerry, García, And So Much More!

The Blue Jays rotation is set, thanks to the addition of Jaime García, Troy Tulowitzki is already hurt, and the voice of the Blue Jays, Jerry Howarth, has stepped back from the mic. In other words, it’s actually been an interesting week in Blue Jays Land, and we actually had real things to talk about….


Blue Jays Sign Jaime Garcia To One-Year Contract

As reported by everyone, the Blue Jays have inked Jaime Garcia to a one-year deal worth $8 million. There’s also an option for next year with a $2 million buyout. So $10 million guaranteed. There’s your fifth starter.


Marcus Stroman Loses His Arbitration Case, Says Some Things

Welcome to the modern media environment, where teams don’t even need reporters to function as a conduit to the fans, because their players can just communicate and break news directly over social media, where nothing can ever possib-bly go wrong. Now to take a big sip of coffee… That sure is a hell of a…


Did Troy Tulowitzki Have A Bone Spur In His Heel Removed Or Not!?

There’s baseball things happening today! Players are rolling into Florida in the best shape of their life and they’re ready to hit baseballs better than ever before because hope springs eternal and we’re all pretty much on board with whatever random bullshit news we hear because thank fuck winter is almost over.