It looks like Tulo isn’t going to be ready for Opening Day

Ah yes, the news we’ve all been expecting. John Gibbons told Arden Zwelling of Sportsnet that the team doesn’t expect shortstop Troy Tulowitzki to be ready for Opening Day against the Yankees.

When everyone rolled into to camp back in mid-February, it was reported that Tulo was dealing with bone spurs in his heel. The team suggested he would be ready fop Opening Day, but anybody who knows this team and this player knew deep down that it wasn’t going to happen.

But this is why the front office went hard over the winter to stockpile depth up the middle. Unlike previous years, we won’t be watching Darwin Barney and Ryan Goins fill in for the oft-injured Tulowitzki, instead, Aledmys Diaz can slide into the starting shortstop role while Gift Ngoepe, who’s looked quite good in spring, can be backup.

It’s obviously ideal that Tulo is healthy and playing shortstop every day, but this Jays team is built for both Tulo and Devon Travis to miss time due to injury. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the reality, and it’s critical that the Jays came prepared this year.

Also, if the original report about Tulo back in February was that he was fine and this wasn’t an issue, does Gibby’s “he’s moving in the right direction” actually mean he’s going to be out until the All-Star break? 

  • AD

    Its crazy how injury prone tulo is. The man is a walking injury and his performance has fallen off a cliff the last few years. I bet the rockies are doing backflips now.

    Its funny how fans used to complain over having romero over tulo. Now it looks like both careers have fizzled out big time.

    • The Sausage King of Chicago

      Well, sure the Rockies rid themselves of Tulo but I don’t think they were doing “backflips” after they ate $40 million of Reyes contract just to go away.

    • PJays

      This is beyond stupid. For one, fans were right to complain about cheering for the team who drafted Romero instead of Tulowitzki, even in spite of the uncertainty associated with drafting ball players. And second, all careers end, if Tulo’s career has indeed ‘fizzled out big time’ it remains true that he had a far superior career to Ricky Tomero and that even with the dead money one would choose the 2015 success that accompanied the acquisition of Troy Tulowitzki.

      • Nice Guy Eddie

        Tulowitzki went on the DL in 2015 after 24 games with the Blue Jays, on Sept 12. To that time he had a poor 89 OPS+. Goins replaced him and was an upgrade. But sure, the Blue Jays won in 2015 because of Troy Tulowitzki.

        • Barry

          They won because they made several moves. Some pay off, some don’t. Some come with surprises, like LaTroy Hawkins, who was a huge bonus down the stretch. Some don’t pay off as well, but get us a guy who comes up huge in the playoffs with a massive home run as we’re clawing our back into the ALDS. Things the shit-on-everything crowd purposely forget because it doesn’t fit their Internet Bad Boy image. You can cherry pick the bad stuff all you want – there is always a deal that doesn’t do what you hope, but the negative crowd will pull out one and, showing intellectual dishonesty, pretend they knew it all along.

          So, if you’re going to pick ONE of those deals and say it shouldn’t have happened, you have to say we should have done NONE of them, otherwise you are engaging in cherry-picking dishonesty.

    • GrumblePup

      I mean, yeah Tulo has had a better career, but you act like having Romero wasn’t exciting for those first 3 years. His 2011 season was great.

      Obviously Tulo would have been a better draft pick, but Romero wasn’t complete shit. He showed a lot of promise in the majors for a while.

    • Barry

      I agree with AD. One of those 2015 trades was bound to not work out, so I wish we’d made none of them. I hated being in the playoffs. Tulo’s home run to get us back in the ALDS sucked and now he’s hurt. Price is GONE!

      For what? Playoffs? Why the hell would anyone want post-season success? We want perfect attendance. That’s what the good teams are all about.

      I’m so jealous of the Rockies and the amazing success they’ve had since then with all those players they got from us. No wonder they’re laughing! Must be great to be a Rockies fan.

    • Barry

      Remind me again, AD, what part of the Tulo trade do we Rockies fans find funniest? Is it the wife beater who Colorado spent $39 million to get rid of? Or is it the hot prospect with a mid-5’s ERA who is so-less-of-an-injury-risk-than-Tulo that he’s been shut down with a shoulder injury, thus hurting his chances of cracking the starting rotation that he was a long-shot to make in the first place?

      I don’t want to look stupid by laughing at the wrong thing.

        • Barry

          Yeah, I know. Pretty dumb to crap on a calculated risk, huh? Like when you trade an elite player, hoping to get value in return because you’re giving up several years of that elite player in the hopes of at least getting some future in return, and both the future and the present you get turn out poorly, so you got nuthin. Calculated risks. We always knew there would be years on the end that would cost us, but we had this crazy idea that we needed to make a few deals for a playoff run — a run that, presumably, the people who go online to be miserable because they’ve deluded themselves into thinking it makes themselves look smart to shit on everything would rather had not happened.

          • Nice Guy Eddie

            I see your argument is so ‘strong’ that you have to support it, once again, with insults for those who disagree with you. A reflection on your argument. And more.

          • Barry

            Don’t blame me that you post comments worthy of insult. When you’re done playing wounded, please show me the outcry on the day Tulo was acquired, in which the masses were saying he was going in the pooper. Because if “everyone knew,” that should be a cinch. Multiple links from credible evaluators, please.

            Spoiler: No such links are forthcoming.

  • TorontoBaseballGuy

    In late July of 2015 Aaron Sanchez was due to come back and be a stalwart in the bullpen, David Price helped give the team its swagger, guys like Colabello and Valencia were about to stop being asked to try to play left field (with Pompey on his way up, or Revere in his way over) and positive regression was very likely to happen…but in my mind, removing Jose Reyes’ (disturbingly poor) defence from the team was the most critical piece in starting the euphoric run that was late summer 2015. If trading Tulo for Reyes was the key to that stretch, then I’m very okay with how little WAR/$ value Tulo will provide over his Jays career.