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Good Lord. Troy Tulowitzki *COULD* be back by the END OF APRIL!

The Greek tragedy now has reached its much-anticipated fifth act! Troy Tulowitzki, according to Jon Morosi, could be back before the end of April.

To give everyone a quick refresher, this began at the very beginning of spring training when it was reported that the veteran shortstop had bone spurs removed from his heel and it wasn’t an issue. Minutes after that, it was reported that he was dealing with a bone spur in his heel and that he might have a delayed start to camp. A few days later, John Gibbons praised Gift Ngoepe and said he he could be a good replacement if Tulo started the year on the DL. Then, finally, it was announced that he wouldn’t be ready to start the season.

I’ve broken it all down here:

What’s everyone’s guess for Act Six? The Jays hope Tulo will be ready before the All-Star break? The Blue Jays expect Tulo to be back for the stretch drive? Surely we all expect that this is going to continue spiralling down the pit of doom, right?

As I said before, I imagine someone like Gift Ngoepe will start the season in Tulo’s place and Aledmys Diaz will roll into the starter’s role. There’s also the possibility that Russell Martin could see some reps at third base and Josh Donaldson could slide to short like we saw a few times last year. But, ultimately, this is why the Jays went out and acquired Diaz and Yangervis Solarte. The team is prepared for this extremely predictable reality.

  • fred2

    Act Six: Ngoepe unexpectedly hits everything he sees in April. Tulo comes back in May and struggles for a month and a half before going down with a freak groin injury incurred cleaning the barrel of one of his extensive collection of Civil War rifles.

  • Steve-O

    Maybe the Jays just embrace this and put Tulo on the 60 day DL in perpetuity until his contrast expires. If he somehow actually does get healthy enough to play before then, have someone bash him in the knee with a lead pipe.

    (I kid, I actually still have a – very irrational, I know! – hope that he comes back and is productive again, but man, this is frustrating. For everyone. And for Tulo most of all.)

  • Knuckleballs

    What happened to ACT 5 – Tulo – the 6 dollar man – we can rebuild him – to be stronger, less paper like and fragile. In all seriousness I am hoping Travis stays healthy cause I truly feel he is the spark plug of this team with Ganderson helping along.

  • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

    I suffered and ankle injury similiar to what Tulo had. Its been 7 years and I still cannot walk right or run on it. Yes I’m sure he had better medical care than I but I will he amazed if he ever really comes back….I’m hoping for though.

  • AD

    Its comical at this point. Tulo is stealing money from the jays. Just wish he would retire so jays dont have to pay that ridiculous contract. He cant hit anymore, d is declining, always injured. Ugghh

  • Seguaro

    I sometimes wonder if Tulo’s remaining tenure with with the Jays and their fans might eventually turn Larry Murphy – like ugly creating a scenario where they might just have to eat the remainder of his contract.

  • Rusty Staub Man

    The press orgasmed when Alex brought in Mr. T. I saw not a word from any scribe warning about T being injury prone. So now the fans second guess. Look they gave up no one for him. So in that sense it was a money all in at the time move. The Greek Boy knew he was on his way out and emptied the cupboard and in hindsight its hard to say it busted the Jays bad. The point is the current admin made quiet under-rated moves and will be ok this year without him or Travis if Travis goes down again. I am worried about hitting and catcher. I think the old due behind the plate is too banged up to be a full time catcher and they need to look for a guy who can hit and throw back there easier said then done. Other than that I think the management did their best off season and no I would not sign Donaldson. I would put him in a trade for a young starter and catcher later on this year. No one is bustin the Yanks or Sox and I think Smoak is gonna go back to sleep this year. I do like the fielders he brought in.