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Get Your First Look at the Blue Jays Holiday Gear

Major League Baseball unveiled their money gra- er, holiday and special occasion uniforms today. Take your first look at the Jackie Robinson Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July threads that the Jays will be wearing this year.

All images via Chris Creamer/Sportslogos.Net.

First off, I love the Jackie Robinson patch that everybody’s going to be wearing. They didn’t go all out and just kept it to something tasteful on both the jersey and cap. Also, socks? Let’s honour Jackie even more by going high socks on April 15th. Yes, even the big guys.

The stuff for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is pretty much what you’d expect, going with the traditional pink and blue caps.

Politics and sports don’t mix, but please give us your money for the sweet Memorial Day gear! Honestly, I’m not sure how fans are going to see anybody on the field with all this camo. Shoutout to the Royals and Angels for going with solid colours and avoiding that problem.

On the Fourth of July, the Blue Jays are going with their regular alternates, but with the Canadian and American flags on it.

Every year, the league makes the Blue Jays wear something special for the Fourth of July, and every year we complain about it, but this takes the cake:

What is this? Are we even Canada’s team if the maple leaf isn’t being forced upon us at every turn? If you’re going to force the Canadian team to wear something, at least make it look decent and not like one of those shitty gas station fitteds you see on sale for $10. But wait, there’s more!

Instead of getting “we the people” that looks like one of those “only God can judge me” tattoos, the Blue Jays get Canada written under their bill. MLB, this is bad and you should feel bad.

Is there anything here that you might get? I’m kind of digging the Jackie Robinson cap.


Again, all images here via Chris Creamer’s SportsLogos.net

  • fred2

    I hate all this ‘enforced honouring’ bullshit. Yes even the Jackie Robinson thing. That, at least, started off with the players acting on their own to honour someone who damn well deserves to be honoured, but every year MLB manage to make it a bit more tawdry and cheap. The players have to line up like good children and honour who they’re told to honour. God help the Dominican or Cuban or Mexican player who doesn’t want to be forced to honour the vile military of the US empire. And what about the players, like Josh Donaldson, who were abused by their violent fathers? Fuck it. Fathers don’t deserve to be honoured for forgetting the fucking contraceptives and bringing another rug-rat into our overpopulated world. And mothers deserve a lot of things, but MLB’s corporate branding exercise doesn’t do them any fucking good. If MLB cared about women it would do something about the disgusting behaviour of the average major and minor league ball player (read Dirk Hayhurst’s books if you want an account of ‘slump-busters’ and at least one case of gang rape). There’s so much ridiculous honouring now (one days is’t enough, we have to wear the clown outfits for a full fucking weekend) that it seems a rarity the teams are wearing the regular unis. It’s bullshit. Fuck it. Fuck MLB. And fuck forcing anybody to honour something they haven’t freely chosen to honour.

    Mike drop.