Grands Fils Adultes!

WE’RE AT THE MONTREAL PORTION OF SPRING TRAINING. The final stage before a long, drawn out spring ends is the Montreal trip. We’re almost there, guys. Blue Jays lose 5-3 to the Cardinals at Olympic Stadium. Things worth mentioning… Marcus Stroman started this one and it looks like he doesn’t need any more time to…


Ten Days of Takes: A Solarte-Morales Platoon?

In the ten days leading up to the season opener against the Yankees, your friends at BJN will be dropping a #take a day to get you pumped up for the season! Day seven: Kendrys Morales In 2018, Justin Smoak will (continue to) soar and we’re going to start wondering what to do with Kendrys…


Rival Preview: Oh fun, a new era of Yankees dominance is on the horizon

Remember the good old days when the Yankees were sorta kinda bad for a few years? After Derek Jeter’s retirement, the Yankees only made the playoffs once in a four-year span, and, in 2016 blew their team up at the trade deadline. But, since it’s the Yankees, they snapped their fingers and rebuilt before everyone’s…


Multiple pitchers assigned to Minor League camp

Out come the scissors! With only a few days to go until Opening Day the Blue Jays made a handful of cuts, sending pitchers Al Albuquerque, Deck McGuire, Luis Santos, Rhiner Cruz, and Chad Girodo to Minor League camp.


This Troy Tulowitzki injury update sounds horrible

As the Blue Jays wrap up Grapefruit Ball and head north for two final exhibition games in Montreal prior to the beginning of the 2018 season, Troy Tulowitzki waits in limbo. The 33-year-old shortstop will begin the season on the disabled list and it was suggested he could be back by the end of April….