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Anthony Alford and Dalton Pompey optioned to Buffalo

The outfield situation in the Blue Jays system just even more complicated. Dalton Pompey and Anthony Alford, both of whom were injured coming out of spring training, have been activated from the disabled list and optioned to Triple-A Buffalo.

The Jays currently have Kevin Pillar, Randal Grichuk, Curtis Granderson, Teoscar Hernandez, and technically Steve Pearce making up their big league outfield while they have Dwight Smith, Roemon Fields, Ian Parmley, and Darrell Sweeney in Buffalo. Pompey and Alford will both be, I would expect, slotted into starting roles in Buffalo, while Smith and Fields rotate playing time.

There’s already a roster conundrum in Toronto involving Hernandez. Given the way he’s been hitting, how do you send him down? But when Kendrys Morales and Josh Donaldson come off the disabled list, there might not be a spot for him on the roster. But then if you send Hernandez down, how do you find time for him, Pompey, Alford, Smith, and Fields?

it’s insane the amount of depth Toronto has right now in the outfield right around the Major League level. It’s certainly a good problem to have.

  • DeeSells

    I guess the question is, with all this depth and players like Teoscar forcing the Jays hand, who of these OF’s have the most trade value? I would guess we aren’t in a huge hurry to part with any of them, but if Alford comes back hitting them what?

  • DMac

    It would not come as a surprise to anyone to see a move made that included breaking the outfield logjam. But who goes? I would venture it be an experienced player, one that could attract a significant return of another one that would be under team control. I know, I know, that points to someone like Kevin Pillar. But you have to give up something of value to get something of value. And with the now depth in the outfield, sliding Hernandez to centre and having Alford or Pompey on the bench would not diminish your starting 9. But what position would you target to get in return? Starting pitching? Infield (knowing that you have Vlad and Bo on the horizon)?

  • ErnieWhitt

    The Jays may have a decision to make, but that also assumes noone else gets hurt before both Morales and Donaldson comes back which in baseball is never a certainty. Even then – the other option is to send Teoscar back to AAA breifly until a spot opens up and brings him right back.

  • Steve-O

    Ideally, you tie Morales to one of the extra OFers and go get something useful back. I’d aim for a pitching prospect but I’d be happy with any lottery type guy in the low minors TBH. Not because I’m in as big a rush to run Morales out of town, necessarily, but if it’s an chance to get some money off the books to help with that Dosh extension, I think you do it.

    If you can’t do that, I’d still dangle someone like Pillar or Pompey for a pitching prospect who’s close. The Jays have a few pending FA starters in the rotation right now, some SP depth for 2019 and beyond would be nice.

    Mind you, I have no idea what value those guys have to another org so maybe I’m delusional about what they could get back.

    • Steve-O

      “Not because I’m in as big a rush to run Morales out of town [as some are],”
      “but if it’s A chance to get some money off the books”

      GAH! Why doesn’t this site use Disqus already?

  • The Humungus

    That’s 10 OFs at the top two levels.

    11 if you include Pearce.

    Gotta make a move somewhere. I’d guess that one of Parmley or Sweeney is going to get released, likely Parmley, since Sweeney can play IF positions in a pinch and is a switch hitter.