Yankees 5, Blue Jays 1: Trouble with Severino

Just like on Opening Day, the Jays’ lineup got mowed down by Luis Severino as the young Yankee ace held Toronto to just three hits over seven innings.

Things worth mentioning…

  • There isn’t much, really. Teoscar Hernandez was the only one who really did anything with the bat today. He hit a homer off of Severino to break the shutout in the sixth inning. Otherwise, Justin Smoak had a double and Kevin Pillar hit a single early on in the game. Yawn.
  • The Jays did run into some bad luck, I guess. Didi Gregorious opened the scoring with an Extremely Yankee Stadium home run, yet Lourdes Gurriel smacked a ball with a higher hit likelihood that was caught by Aaron Judge. Such is life.
  • Jaime Garcia was OK, going five-and-a-third allowing four runs, one of which came as an inherited run by Seung-hwan Oh. Danny Barnes gave up an unearned run in the eighth and then John Axford had a clean ninth.
  • That sucked! Enjoy your Sunday!

  • AD

    Sometimes you will get you ass kicked by good teams over the course of a long season, it happens. Yankees did much better with RISP this series. Need to respond against the red sux by taking 2 of 3 at home though. If they don’t, this teams start may have been a mirage.

      • Terry Mesmer

        > this teams start may have been a mirage.

        I agree. The Red Sux had just eight runs and 16 hits against Oakland in losing a three-game series. I guess their 17-4 record is a mirage.

        (You were talking about Boston, right?)

      • AD

        I want to see this team respond by taking 2 of 3 from the red sox. They got beat up by the yankees in NY, ok. Now they need to pick it up again. Thats what good teams do, avoid long slumps during a long season. If they get beat up again, it’ll give doubt to the fanbase on how good this team really is.

  • Terry Mesmer

    AD, read what Richard Lee-Sam wrote last week:

    “Food for thought: last season, the two World Series participants, Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers, were a combined 54-48 (.529) against teams over .500, aka good teams. The titans of the regular season, who won 205 games between them, were a combined six games over .500 when it came to besting these “good” teams!

    Where they created their distance in the standings was against the weaker teams. I’m talking about the Orioles, White Sox, and Royals of the league. Combined, the Astros and Dodgers beat up on them to the tune of a 151-71 (.680) record.”

    • lukewarmwater

      Well stated with the facts. When you look at the A.L. this year, there are at most 5 good teams. The Jays just have to dominate the bum of the month club teams as they have so far this year to be in solid contention for the wild card berth.