Dalton Pompey can’t catch a break

In positive Blue Jays news, Randal Grichuk (who you may or may not have forgotten about) has been moved up to Triple-A Buffalo to continue his rehab stint. There’s some bad news too, though. In a corresponding move, the Bisons placed Dalton Pompey on the disabled list with a thumb injury.


Blue Jays Nation Millennial Recap: Sweep Caroline

Why do we do this to ourselves? :18 – what the hell happened in May? Are we defeated? It sure sounds like it! 7:46 – I guess we’re legally obligated to mention the phenom at least once. What do we think? Should he be called up to the Show? Cam doesn’t think so. 10:16 –…


What was up with that Martin-Porcello dust-up last night?

Last night’s 8-3 loss at Fenway Park was a fairly forgettable contest for the Blue Jays. A subpar start by Marco Estrada, insurance runs given up by the bullpen combined with nine men left on base by the Blue Jays … that’s been typical of this team as of late.


What’s going on with Aaron Sanchez

It’s been no secret that the Jays rotation has poured buckets of water dousing the hot start they got out to, falling behind the Red Sox and Yankees and struggling to even stay in contention for the second wild card spot. One of the more troubling members of this rotation has been Aaron Sanchez.


Red Sox 8, Blue Jays 3: Sanchez was not good

This one was close for a while and then it wasn’t. Things worth mentioning… Remember when Aaron Sanchez threw heat and pitched deep into games? I do. I’m not sure what’s going on with him, but this doesn’t seem good. Sanchez failed to pitch at least six innings for the fifth consecutive start, giving up…


Knowing When To Fold ‘Em…

You’re sitting around a dingy card table on a Friday night in some seedy Cabbagetown apartment. The craft brews are flowing and you’re half-lit when you go to turn over your hold’em cards and discover snowmen, also known as a pair of 8s. A pocket pair is a decent enough hand, so you go ahead…


It’s probably time to call up Danny Jansen, right?

Russell Martin’s trip around the field and ultimate transition into becoming a super-utility player has recently seen him make starts as the Blue Jays’ shortstop and left fielder. If this continues, and there’s no reason to assume it’s just a short-term experiment, the Jays really should call up Danny Jansen from Triple-A Buffalo.


Don’t expect Vlad to jump to Buffalo any time soon

Blue Jays prospects shuffled around a bunch this weekend. Jordan Romano went up to Triple-A before a start and then got sent back down and Kevin Smith rode his breakout performance up to Single-A Dunedin. None of these transactions, however, involved Toronto’s most important name. Vlad Jr. remains in Double-A.


Is there really a ‘dark side’ to Jays Twitter?

Hands up if you’ve ever had a negative experience with someone on Twitter or Facebook. So, is that just about everybody, then? If you look hard enough, there’s a dark, sinister, hate-filled corner of the internet. Most times, you don’t even need to go looking for it because it shows up at your doorstep in…