Rays 6, Blue Jays 2: Snore

This team looked like a group of people that worked a 12 hour shift on the other side of the country yesterday. Blue Jays lose 6-2. Things worth mentioning… JA Happ starts have been fun to watch lately but he just didn’t have it today. Over his last two turns through the rotation, Happ struck…


Series Preview: The House of Horrors!

The Rays, as we know, actively are trying to be bad this year. They’re making no bones about it openly referring to some social media endeavour as The Rays Tank which is supposed to mean something fish-related but instead is subtle, coded language in regards to them wanting to lose over 100 games.


Is Kevin Pillar just teasing us again?

Once bitten, twice shy. Over the years, the goal of becoming a productive major league hitter has been as elusive as catching a cartoon roadrunner for Kevin Pillar. Blue Jays fans know what happened with him last year; the center fielder known pretty much only for his defence looked like he finally turned a corner…