Blue Jays switch Osuna t-shirt giveaway with Solarte t-shirt

As we already know, Roberto Osuna was arrested and charged Tuesday morning by Toronto police for assault of a woman and has been placed on administrative leave. This obviously puts the Blue Jays in a very sticky situation. To compound matters, just a couple days from now the team was scheduled to have an Osuna t-shirt giveaway at Rogers Centre. Instead, the Jays will now give away a Yangervis Solarte t-shirt to the first 15,000 fans in attendance.

Everything about this situation is terrible, obviously, but the Jays deserve praise for their swift ability to act through what was, on an objective level, an incredibly difficult PR situation to navigate. The Jays easily could have just cancelled the promotion which would have left the people who purchased tickets to this game specifically for the giveaway disappointed, but they found an ideal solution. Obviously they can’t give away an Osuna shirt in the wake of a legal issue such as this one, but they were on the ball quickly making a decision to pivot the giveaway to a newly-found fan favourite in Solarte.

I especially want to praise the designer or team of designers who managed to quickly throw together a pretty sharp looking Solarte shirt at the drop of a hat. Nicely done.