The Mailbag: Stroman, Solarte, Morales, Mirrors and More!

I promise that I have answered all of these questions sober. I would never answer these questions drunk. I understand that we’re all responsible baseball-thinking adults, so it’s important to take this kind of stuff very serious because baseball is a very serious matter in life. So, let’s get to some of the mail in the bag and cut to the damn baseball chase, seriously!


Should Marcus Stroman be sent down to Buffalo?

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  • Bob from Windsor

Well, Bob, I guess the Jays technically could send him to Buffalo since he still has options, but do you really want that? C’mon, Bob, seriously? How much fun would it be to watch Joe Biagini come up and pitch in Stroman’s spot? Not much fun at all, Bob – not that Stroman has been much fun lately. But, I’d take my chances on Stroman straightening out over Biagini man. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it – this whole Joe Biagini experiment has been pretty shitty so far, don’t you think?

The Jays could certainly use an inning eater in the pen. And if they are going to see this Biagini experiment through, maybe Deck McGuire could become a decent long reliever – how great would that be – if he continues to have strong outings in Buffalo. Or maybe Biagini could just move back into the pen where he could actually be of some use, but something tells me that’s not going to happen yet! This whole Biagini as a starter thing is sort of like pineapple on a pizza, it just doesn’t seem to work.

I digress, Bob. And I will try to answer your question now. I think the organization is going to be patient with Stroman and we all hope to hell that he figures it out. Pete Walker told a local writer that Stroman’s struggles seem to be more of a mental thing than a problem with location, velocity, and mechanics. And I’m not saying that is a good thing either. Let’s hope he works it out. If the Jays are going to make things interesting in September, the HDMH Kid is going to have to be the misfit on the dirt hill that shimmy shakes and struts – that’s a fact.

Will Solarte ever do the backpack kid dance?

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  • Jessica from Vancouver

Backpack GIF by Saturday Night Live - Find & Share on GIPHY

Doesn’t he already, Jessica? Maybe? I dunno. But, you know he could.

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Kendrys Morales sucks!

  • Jay from Burlington

You mean you don’t love a DH that hits in the bottom of the lineup and is slashing .143/.232/.262 with a .493 OPS? Fun fuckin’ Ryan Goins times, eh!

What’s happening to the outfield once everyone is healthy, and when will Travis come back up and who will he replace?

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  • Jonah from somewhere in Canada

There are a whole lot of options in the outfield and that’s a good thing, Jonah. The Pearce/Granderson platoon thing has worked out very well for the Jays, so that will continue once they’re both ready to go. Kevin Pillar is leading the team offensively (I can’t believe we’re all typing these words) and doing what he does in center field. And Teoscar has been good in right field and much better at the plate. There is a whole hell of a lot of offence coming from all four of these players. And with Alford in the shadows everything is just fine. Am I missing anyone? Nope, I’m pretty sure that covers it…

I don’t know what the hell is going on with Travis, but hopefully Corey Hart can help this kid remember how to hit. Travis was arguably the MVP for the Jays last spring when he finally turned it on and started mashing before his shitty injury. His numbers in Buffalo are dogshit right now and he’s currently – as I type this – hitting .189 and has a dirty .405 OPS… woof. At this point in time, I’d take Solarte at second over Travis all day long. But, Travis needs to figure it out so that when it comes time for the Jays to trade him, they can actually get something of value in return.

Can Vlad anchor a rotation?

  • Josh from somewhere in Canada

100% Josh. Since anchors are designed to sink, Vladdy would do a great job at sinking the rotation. Hell, I could anchor the rotation, too. But, I appreciate the humour in this question and all things in ‘Vlad we trust’. I can’t wait for Vlad to sink all the rotations in the American League with his big bad Vlad bat, but we’re going to have to wait a little longer for that and that’s okay.

How the fuck do mirrors work?

  • Richard from outer space

Let me just copy and paste this screenshot for you here, Richard!


A big thanks and thumbs up to all you crazy humans who submitted questions through Twitter @thejaysnation and Cam’s email – [email protected] You can also toss some questions my way @ [email protected] So, make sure to send some for next week for some more Friday fun. I will answer as many questions as I can before I start to get bored.


    • sparklenshine

      there’s a psychological condition associated with that “asking for a friend ” line…if he was really a friend he wouldn’t make you ask that question.

  • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

    “…I promise that I have answered all of these questions sober. I would never answer these questions drunk.”

    Uh huh….I find that’s something a drunk person would say 🙂
    Speaking of which, has anyone ever heard a drunk person admit they were drunk?
    Sober gal: You’re drunk
    Drunk guy: Noooooo way…I only had a couple.
    Sober gal: A couple of what
    Drunk guy(staggers slightly to the left and raises his right hand, pointing off in the distance with his finger): I do like pizza
    etc etc….

    Oh, and awesome a mailbag!!! I’m starved for a mailbag…..thank you!

  • Jeff2sayshi

    So, are we willfully forgetting Grichuk? Just pretending he doesn’t exist?

    While dumping Morales for Vlad makes no sense to me (too soon), dumping Morales to help clear up that outfield logjam? Not impossible?

  • sparklenshine

    How did you get those 2 videos to sync?…awesome ! Proves beyond any doubt that the backpack kid grew up.
    Can’t we just sit morales and let pearce DH? I’d keep pompey as he switches and can play with granderson; alford will have his time next year. travis is a head case who thinks too much; can anyone say russ adams?…it’s just baseball DT!!…my question RdiF is: When is Lebbie going to get a chance? HO may view him as depth (I don’t) but I bet other org. will offer something nice for him if he’s in the bigs and can play…lets see if that’s the case

    • The Humungus

      Jason Leblebijian is a 27 year old (in 2 days) minor league utility infielder who currently sports a .749 OPS in his second go-around at AAA, where he is now a player who is over the league’s average age.

      His career minor-league OPS is .728, and he is a below average defender at 3rd and SS, while being borderline average at 2B and decent at 1st.

      He is the definition of an org guy. He’s great to have in AAA because he allows you to have to make fewer minor league signings while you shuttle guys around due to injuries. But he will never be a major league player, save for maybe a September call-up because as veteran presents.

      I’d suspect that, pretty soon, he’ll either go abroad, or he’ll move into some sort of coaching role with the org (I don’t know him, but those are the typical career paths for guys of his ilk)

      • sparklenshine

        Average at 2nd base would look pretty good right now. As OPS seems to be the measuring stick
        Gurriel – .528
        Diaz – .704
        Solarte – .857
        Travis – .458
        Nobody thought DT’s suckage would be so dysonish; maybe Lebbie exceed expectations….that’s the beauty of baseball.

        • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

          Ummm..lets see..Devon Travis has pretty much hit for us and then ran into the injury wall. Now, he is healthy (hopefully), and having his first major slump..last April not included. And you want to dump him amd bring up a AAAA to replace him….so glad shapiro and Atkins are in charge.

          • sparklenshine

            PBJ….his first major slump was at the show; 2nd major slump is in Buffalo right now. batting .189 thru 37 ab’s with 1 x-base hit….and who said anything about dumping him PBJ?

      • sparklenshine

        I get that AAA is not the show….but I’m done hoping these guy make a wild card spot..time to find out who they have at MiLB level who’s going to contribute either via trades or as a player..and No! that is not an endorsement for our dynamic duo playing in the bigs just yet…

        • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

          Really so you are done. Like all teams the jays have hit a rough patch. But are still above 500. Still close on the wild card. Still 124 games to go. You make zero sense!

          • sparklenshine

            PBJ…what Kool-Aid are you drinking?…these guys are sliding and will continue to do so…2nd wild card is coming out of the west…are you watching baseball or just the jays???

          • Abogilo


            I totally agree with you. This is like 2015 all over again. I mean they were even worse than we are now, and not only did the FO fail to realize how inevitable it was that they would miss the playoffs, but they actually tried to win instead of tanking on purpose!

            Those idiots missed out on a key opportunity to tank when it was clearly the right thing to do, and we all suffered for it. I think the new FO is even stupider this time because we didn’t learn from our mistake and decide to throw away the season even earlier this year.


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