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Injury Updates on Tulo, Grichuk, Diaz, Stroman, and Pearce!

I honestly don’t even know who’s on the 25-man roster anymore. Toronto’s roster has been in flux the past couple weeks as a whole bunch of guys have been going on the disabled list. Today Shi Davidi threw us some updates on the Blue Jays disabled list situation. 

  • Troy Tulowitzki has started running on an “antigravity treadmill”…. hold the fuck on. What?! Okay, so, according to Google, this is what an antigravity treadmill looks like:

  • The image of Tulo running on one of these things is oddly entertaining. Anyways, Shi says Tulo is also taking ground balls and will be doing live batting practice later this week. Despite my cynicism and the whole Tulo Greek Tragedy, it seems we’ll actually see Tulo play this year! And that’s a good thing given the Jays haven’t had much production out of shortstop this year.
  • Speaking of shortstops, Aledmys Diaz started a hitting progression with light running. It doesn’t seem like he’s close to returning. Same goes for Steve Pearce, who’s “feeling better” but hasn’t started baseball activities yet, and Marcus Stroman, who’s in “rest mode” but will be in Dunedin in Thursday. The closest to returning is Randal Grichuk. The sorta forgotten outfielder has started running work and will be evaluated for games later on in the week.
  • Grichuk’s return will eventually result in Dwight Smith Jr. being sent to Buffalo, Stroman’s return will send Joe Biagini back to Buffalo. Diaz, if back before Tulo, will send Richard Urena or Gio Urshela back to Triple-A, but then Tulo’s activation may result in Diaz playing for the Bisons if they don’t want him on the bench. Would Steve Pearce’s return bump Teoscar Hernandez from the roster or would it push the Jays to fire Kendrys Morales into space?

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  • Nice Guy Eddie

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    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      Won’t happen….would count against the jays budget this year. His whole contract…I believe that is what rogers expects. So, sure, they may have the room to do it, but it would probably mean, no trade deadline acquisitions, if they are still in it. But I could be wrong…

      • J. Paquin

        Even sending him down to Triple A is an issue. Sure, he will clear waivers, but who is he going to take at bats away from? Rowdy? Rowdy needs reps right now…

        • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

          I don’t seem them doing something like that either. With the Jays having to deal with the whole “playing in another country” thing, taking care of their players and being respectful, is one of the ways they can foster a good view among players and player agents. Dumping Morales like that, will not foster good will I’d say. I hear ya though. I’m thinking I would start with a DL assignment, along the lines that Stroman got. See if he can clear his head and send him to Dunedin to not only find his swing, but get some confidence back. Sure you could argue, it’s High A pitching, but hitting the cover off the ball is great for the mental side of things. Let him do that for 2-3 weeks and then off to Buffalo for a week and try him out again. If he falls flat, the best thing is to make him a pinch hitter and put him on the bench. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t see the Jays letting him go, or disrespecting him in any way. I could see them attempting to trade him next year, in hopes of getting even a middling prospect back, by swallowing the rest of his contract. But at least that is better than letting him go for nothing. If I’m a team that is willing to give up a low A prospect and have him on my team, without having to pay his salary, I’m going to give him a chance. They can always let him go, without losing anything, other than the prospect. Now if that happens, we have to hope that the Jays can uncover a diamond in the rough somehow….after all, they got Hernandez for 2 months of Liriano…so who knows….