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Athletics 10, Blue Jays 5: Jays lose despite scoring five

Back down to .500 we go.

  • For the first time all season the Blue Jays weren’t able to pick up a win when reaching the five-run threshold. It was kind of a shocking streak given how bad Toronto’s starting pitching has been for the majority of the season, but, in 2018, when this team scored Magic Number Five, they won. Not tonight though as Aaron Sanchez and the bullpen got tagged for 10 runs against.
  • Sanchez had a pretty rough outing as he struggled with command and was only able to work through four innings. Though he tied a season-high with eight strikeouts, Sanchez walked four batters, continuing his alarming trend of not being able to control the strike zone. The ‘pen didn’t do much to help out either as both Seung-Hwan Oh and John Axford allowed homers for Oakland to extend their lead.
  • Kendrys Morales went 0-for-4 and now has a .499 OPS for the season. That’s like pitcher in the National League level shit. I mean, you can’t even rationalize that from a gold glove calibre player, so you really can’t have that from your designated hitter. There’s no actual reason to scapegoat Morales for this game, or anything, it just seemed necessary to point it out. I could also point out that Josh Donaldson had some ugly at bats tonight but I’m not sure if we’re there yet.

  • allstev

    Jeebus that double play Morales hit into was brutal, my Dad could have ran to first faster. He can’t hit, he can’t run, he’s fucking useless, eat the money and DFA him already, and call up Vlady. He’s thoroughly demolished AA he’s ready.

  • Holly Wood

    Can’t see any reason to keep rolling Morales out there. Time to cut bait. Aaron Sanchez’s season is really puzzling to me. I thought after 3 or 4 starts he would be right back to becoming the staff ace. Seems like he has dialed down the fastball a little but it still moves all over the place including out of the strike zone. I wonder what happens when he just airs it out, up to the high 90’s .

    • Knuckle Balls

      If Aaron aired it out he probably way out of the strike zone. He is taking the Mark Burehely approach dial back to find the strike zone. Yes if is unfortunate his season started this way, but at least no injury

    • Holly Wood

      Well maybe management can get creative with the disabled list, something has to happen. He can no longer occupy a spot on the roster while not contributing anything

    • 0noggin

      The problem with sending him packing is his big fat salary and the fact that he has another year on his contract. His performance (and complete lack of versatility) makes him nearly untradable, and his salary and 1 year left on his contract seals the deal. If the Jays dump him, they’re still on the hook and with the Tulo contract, they can’t go and grab Machado or another of the top free agents this offseason.

      • sons

        Um they owe that money either way. It has literally no bearing. For the purposes of the 40 man roster you can assume Morales costs $1.00 a year. Now would you play him over Alford, Teoscar, Donaldson, Vlad, Pearce or anyone else on the 40 man? No because right now he is worse than even the most “glove only” players in baseball. And assuming he will get it together is based on nothing at this point.

        • The Humungus

          Right, but if they send Morales packing, they’re paying him $23M on the 2018 team budget, rather than $11M in 2018 and $12M in 2019 on the team budget.

          So, let’s say they have $175M available to them to spend on player salaries this year. Rumors have always been it’s less than that, but let’s just say that for arguments sake.

          Opening day payroll, per Cot’s, for the 25 man roster, was $162,037,223. That includes $1.43M for Gurriel, who has an MLB deal, and $306k for releasing Carrera. Add $12M to that, and that gives them less than $1M to spend at the deadline in additional player salaries.

          I mean, sure, they could always ask Rogers for more money, but that will, in a corporate world, almost assuredly result in them having less to spend next year.

          So, as much as we’d all love to fire Morales into the sun, the results of doing so could be bad for the team both this year and next if playoffs are the goal (as they should be, this team isn’t THIS bad, and they’re at least as good as the Angels, who have no bullpen and mediocre starting after Richards/Ohtani and the Mariners, who are the fucking Mariners).

          • sons

            That is pretty much not my problem. This team is quickly falling out of any chance of being a serious WC contender. They can “owe” the money back next year then. Like this is accounting stuff. Meanwhile I am having less and less interest in watching.

          • The Humungus

            So, when they don’t sign anyone this offseason, is that your problem?

            Or if they’re not competitive at all in 2018 after losing Happ, Estrada, Donaldson and half the bullpen?

            When exactly does it become your problem?

            Oh, right, the answer is never. It’s never your problem. Because you can choose to watch, or choose not to watch.

            In fact, it’s not a problem at all. Teams can’t win every year. Even the fucking Yankees and Red Sox had to take two steps back to get where they are.

          • sons

            This comment system really bites. I can’t even reply to your reply.

            No it really is not my problem that they can’t figure out how to account for Morales being DFA’d so we bat a guy with a 28 wrc+ at DH. It’s not my problem that they couldn’t have a better 6th starter option than Biagini in a year with an unprecedented number of proven players unsigned by the start of the season.

            Anthopolous proved that a winning team will captivate the country and shoot ratings to the sky and fill the seats. It is not my problem that they want to stick to a certain budget and wait for the farm to develop. They want their cake and to eat it too: keep the farm and wait for it to develop, don’t make any real commitments of note for the last 2 years other than Morales, raise ticket prices and expect fans to still come.

            There are cities where having a winning team will not markedly change things. Cities with stadiums in weird locations and no fans really at any time and owners with financial difficulty. We are not that city.

        • Barry

          It does have some bearing. Rogers’ policy with regards to the Jays’ payroll is that if they release someone like Morales and eat his salary, that salary goes on the payroll for the year in which the player is compensated. If the Jays were to cut Morales loose now, they’d have to pay his 2019 salary now, and it would be added to our 2018 payroll.

  • 0noggin

    With decent pitching this season, the Jays might have a chance of competing for a wild card spot. But their chances were based on the top 4 of their rotation performing in line with their past results, and instead, they’ve had one of the worst rotations in the American League. It turns out Stroman was injured, and with Sanchez’ velocity down 4-5mph from last year, I wonder if something is wrong with his arm, too.