Introducing the Blue Jays Nation Podcast!

Hey guys!

If you follow us on twitter, you’ve probably seen our BJN Millennial Recap videos. If you haven’t, they look something like this. Really, it’s just us trying to bring humour to the series that was and talk about it while shit posting.

Well now, we’re deciding to turn it into a podcast!

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It won’t be anything too long and drawn out or something that gets too deep into anything, just our reactions on the past few days of Blue Jays baseball while also hurling insults at each other. We’ve decided that not limiting ourselves to just two minutes of dialogue would be best, so we’re giving ourselves another 20 to make an even bigger fool of ourselves.

This is still a new idea, but as somebody that reads the comments, I know you guys have a lot to say. Feel free to reply to the tweets and we’ll do our best to answer your questions in the next series recap.

Here’s our first episode!

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– Richard and Cam