Photo Credit: Keith Allison/FLICKR

Devon Travis is back

After a month-long stint with the Buffalo Bisons to get himself figured out, Devon Travis is back with the Blue Jays. The team announced today that Travis would be recalled which is the corresponding roster move to Richard Urena being sent down after Sunday afternoon’s loss.

Travis had himself a hell of a time to start the season. He was finally sent down at the end of April after a putrid month in which he slashed .148/.212/.246 over 66 plate appearances. Travis got off to a similarly slow start in 2017 before going nuclear in May. Unfortunately, that hot streak was short lived as Travis ended up going on the disabled list and missing the rest of the season.

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It hasn’t been much better for Travis in Buffalo. Through 64 plate appearances with the Bisons, Travis has slashed a .210/.234/.274 line with two walks to seven strikeouts.

This move is, uh, sorta surprising. Like I said, Travis hasn’t hit all too well in Buffalo so there aren’t really signs that he’s ready to turn it around at the Major League Level. Also, it leaves the Jays without a true shortstop on their big league team. Yangervis Solarte can play short, as can Josh Donaldson, but it isn’t their natural position like it is for Urena.

Hopefully Travis goes on a wild hot streak at the plate so it doesn’t matter!

  • Barry

    He’s on an eight-game hit streak, but it’s been one hit a game, almost entirely 1-for-4’s and 1-for-5’s … so it doesn’t make for great numbers. My guess is that they are seeing something that isn’t coming through in the numbers; like, they see a hit a day as an indication that he’s coming around, and maybe the hits are solid and the outs are on hard-hit balls. So, perhaps he’s hitting the ball much better than the numbers suggest. If nothing else, he seems to be getting the bat on the ball consistently, and we know that when he does that he can be excellent, so why not have him get the bat on the ball consistently at the big-league level? If that consistency really is there, the numbers will follow.

  • J. Paquin

    Perhaps they asked him to watch pitches and he was forced to make 2 strike swings, who knows. Or they just really really really badly need offense and they are grasping at straws….sounds like #2…