Sean-Reid Foley promoted to Buffalo

Just like we all expected, the first prospect making the jump from New Hampshire to Buffalo will be pitcher Sean Reid-Foley.

I mean, jokes and Vlad-related-angst aside, Reid-Foley has been ridiculously good this year. He came into 2017 as one of Toronto’s best pitching prospects but struggled mightily. The poor season kind of pushed him down from the status of a top prospect within the Blue Jays organization, but the hype train is rolling at full speed again as Reid-Foley owns a 2.03 ERA through eight starts. He’s also struck out 52 batters through 44 1/3 innings.

What does this mean for the big picture? Is this simply just Reid-Foley being rewarded for pitching well? Or is there something else going on here? I have a feeling this could indicate that the Jays feel Marcus Stroman could be out for an extended period of time and they want to put another starter in Buffalo as Sam Gaviglio or Joe Biagini remain with the big league club.

Or maybe I’m completely off and the Jays simply just think Reid-Foley, who already pitched at Double-A last season, is ready for the next level. I don’t know. It just seems like odd timing to bring a guy up to a new level in May, is all.

  • ErnieWhitt

    The fact that he already spent a season in AA means that they probably just want to keep challenging him. He’s been very good in AA and they could use a guy in Buffalo given how the Bison’s rotation has been plundered with call-ups recently. Most importantly though, you have to think that they want to see him against AAA hitters with an eye to a call up just given how many of the Jays 5 starting spots have been and continue to be question marks. Most of us could see a situation where Sanchez sorts himself out, and Stroman comes back looking more like 2017 than he has so far, but should we also expect Estrada AND Garcia to start performing? Probably not all of those things anyway, which means the Jays need contingency. Gaviglio has been ok but everyone else has looked bad. If SRF can keep it going in AAA I could easily see him joining the rotation after a short stint in an attempt to get anything going in the rotation.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      Great points!! To add, I think having a go at AAA hitters, will better prepare him for the majors. More AAAA players, prospects and guys trying to return, than in AA. Plus, this year is starting to look like it will be a .500 year, plus or minus whatever. Might be a good time to start letting prospects that are close, like SRF, to get a taste of life in MLB. But stick with them, and don’t send them down, when they have one bad outing. Teach them and let them grow. If the season goes sideways, having the kids up, offers hope, if nothing else. And would keep things interesting, in seeing how they make out. If we do get some traction and start fighting for that final WC spot, then it can’t hurt to expose prospect(s) to a pennant race. I’m not saying Vlad needs to be called up yet…although I can’t understand why he is not at AAA at this point. I know the FO is all about service time, but SRF is 22, not 19, so I don’t think starting the clock a bit early, will be detrimental to the blue jays long term or him. I hope at least…..Mainly, I want to enjoy baseball, maybe see some new faces, and avoid that sinking shit storm of a season we endured last year. But, I think this FO, is so stuck on service time, that we will probably only see some waiver wire pickups, and current AAA promotions, until September…but who knows, I’m not the FO.