So You Wanted To Be A Blue Jays Fan

Mood towards Blue Jays baseball in November: Mood towards Blue Jays baseball the morning pitchers and catchers report: Mood towards Blue Jays baseball when it’s actually happening: This season has been a clusterfuck already and they haven’t even begun play in June yet. We went from being the most obnoxious group of people on earth…


Series Preview: The Tigers!

The Tigers are sitting in second place in the American League Central with a 26-30 record. The Jays have a pretty difficult month of June, so if they can’t do something against the Tigers this weekend, uh, it won’t be good.


There are reasons for optimism for the Blue Jays in June

May was the month from hell for the Blue Jays. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong … even a few things the club could’ve never foreseen went wrong, too. May was an abysmal month for the Blue Jays. Their 9-19 record was the fourth-worst May in franchise history and that .321 winning percentage was…


May was a nightmare

** Disclaimer: Negative #content below, read at own risk ** Last month was not a good time. April flowers turned into a downpour of showers as soon as the calendar flipped to May, with the Blue Jays going 9-19 on the month and skidding into June losing 13 of their last 17 games. They didn’t…