Blue Jays Nation Millennial Recap: Cooked Goose

The Toronto Blue Jays lose another series, this time to the Detroit Gee- Tigers. Detroit Tigers.

0:15 – First thing’s first, what the hell is the rally goose we heard about before the series?

1:10 – We go over the weekend’s series loss against the Detroit Tigers

3:55 – We talk about Sunday’s starter Aaron Sanchez and why he’s been so damn frustrating to watch lately

8:11 – We switch gears to talk about the soft-tossing Jaime Garcia, who, as it turns out, might not be the answer!

10:45 – So the rotation has been a constant tire fire, should the Blue Jays start to look at other internal options with an eye on 2019?

13:30 – Going into trade season, the Blue Jays have two players whose value are trending in opposite directions. What should they do with them? There are some really encouraging signs for one and reasons to panic for the other.

20:00 – Inspired by me thinking the Vlad and Bo can lead the Blue Jays to a championship, Cam forces us to pick our own three-player teams to conquer the world like we’re in the movie Benchwarmers

23:38 – But how does a Blue Jays rebuild affect the Leafs???? We talk about prospects and the idea of how long a rebuild lasts.


27:55 – On why it’s probably best we don’t rush all the young guys if the Blue Jays aren’t competing

29:38 – What’s a podcast if Cam isn’t saying some weird shit?

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