Series Preview: The Trash Birds!

The Blue Jays are having a hell of a time scoring runs. Like, it at times appears as though they’re actively trying not to score runs. Obviously that isn’t actually the case but this less-than-stellar lineup has hit a pretty horrendous funk. They got completely mowed down over the span of 13 innings by Sonny Gray and…


The Blue Jays do a cool thing with their final pick in the draft

The 40-round marathon known as the First-Year Major League Baseball draft has finally come to a conclusion. I think most of us checked out after the first few selections of the second day because by the later rounds you’re really just taking flyers on random names. That’s just a fan’s perspective, though. For a player,…


Jason Grilli was offered a Blue Jays broadcast gig, but turned it down

One year ago, Jason Grilli was nearing the end of his brief-but-dramatic tenure as a Toronto Blue Jay. He was like a comet. Grilli came into town, burned brilliant, but faded away shortly after. He finished the 2017 season with the Texas Rangers, but for all intents and purpose, he’s essentially retired.