Series Recap: SWEPT!

Ah, yes, remember when the Blue Jays swept the Trash Birds over a four-game series and things, if you squinted really, really hard, looked kinda good? Neither do I! The Jays went ahead and got swept by the Rays at the House of Horrors to pretty much mitigate their spanking of the Orioles.

What happened?

On Monday, Sammy G got knocked around for the first time since coming up and setting the world on fire. The offence managed to get three different leads, but they blew all of them and then imploded in the seventh inning. 8-4 Rays.

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On Tuesday, Jaime Garcia had a mediocre start, allowing four runs over five innings, and the offence got shut down by, uhhhh, the bullpen? I don’t know. 4-1 Rays.

On Wednesday, J.A. Happ threw five scoreless but, again, the Jays couldn’t solve Tampa Bay’s fucking long-relief pitchers as the Rays ended up hitting a walk-off single in the ninth for the shutout win. 1-0 Rays.

Things worth mentioning…

Up next…

There’s an off-day tomorrow, thank fuck for that, and then the Jays will head home for a three-game weekend series against the Washington Nationals. If they get mowed down by random fans from the audience that Tampa Bay tosses out there, how the flying fuck are they going to look against Max Scherzer? Good lord.

  • byngski

    I’m sure there’s a statistical bright spot somewhere in this mess but boy are they bad at the moment. Their play is making it easy to get fans on board to blow the team up.