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Aaron Sanchez Leaves Start Due to Finger Injury

Aaron Sanchez had a rough first inning against the Los Angeles Angels tonight and didn’t make it out for the second. He didn’t throw a single curveball over an erratic 25-pitch frame and gave up two earned runs. After surrendering an RBI single to Albert Pujols, he glanced at his pitching hand, which obviously sent Blue Jays Twitter into a frenzy.

Thankfully, we’ve received an update pretty fast and let me tell you, this doesn’t seem as bad as we initially thought:

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First, it’s a relief that it’s not another blister problem for Aaron Sanchez, and second, it’s not on that finger that plagued him for pretty much the entire 2017 season. Also, him having a bruised index digit explains being all over the zone and not throwing his deuce, which relies heavily on spin generated by the middle and index fingers.

Hopefully this isn’t something that turns into a much bigger thing like we’ve seen from pretty much everybody this season.


  • Mose

    I’m seeing flashbacks of Mike Singletary’s 49er post-game interview where he goes off with something like … “You can’t win with him…

    Yes, fingers are an important part of throwing a baseball accurately, and yet Stroman and his #HDMH overcame “blisters” last year without any time missed or impact to his performance.

    Really not sure how Sanchez, pitching close to his hometown with family in the stands, couldn’t somehow gut through a bruised knuckle…

    MLB hitters don’t need much of a game plan when Sanchez can’t throw an offspeed pitch for a strike. #SITONFASTBALL

    Signing with Boras and Nike and wearing those stupid Nike sunglasses isn’t very endearing either…

    • DAKINS

      What a horrendous take.

      You don’t want players “gutting it out”. If they are injured, get them out of the fucking game. You don’t want this shit to linger, or turn into a much bigger problem.

      See: last season’s blister gate.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      Come on now…really???!!! I get it, you’re frustrated….but really???? Really?? So we should what, should we give up on a live arm, with crazy movement, because……..what? You think all he had was a bruised knuckle. Seriously, were you there in the locker room when they discussed? Come on Moses…you can part the Red Sea, but you can’t see through your own frustration with the Jays and see some value in Sanchez? I mean, yeah, he walks a lot of guys, and his movement is crazy, but man, the potential is still there. He’s past the “He’s rusty stage” I agree. But hey, worse comes to worse, you have Osuna’s replacement in house. Ahh, what do I know, I”m a software developer, not an arm chair manager 🙂

      • Mose

        Gents, really not that frustrated. With apologies if I came off ranting or venting, or both:)

        After 5 years of service time, and now with a drop in velocity and with really no improvement in his ability to locate any of his pitches, it might be prudent to consider that he may not be the elite pitcher we dreamed of after his remarkable 2016.

        Yup, he’s past the rusty stage.

        Yes, I’m impressed by the progress of his change up this year – a very effective pitch when he’s ahead in the count.

        Yes, if he continues to fall behind in the count, MLB hitters will grip and rip even his fastball.

        As some insiders are categorizing Bryce Harper as a “losing player,” if Jays mgmt placed a similar lablel on Sanchez (they would know better than us armchair fans), there is an asset management opportunity at some point, and guessing not this season.

        But if I’m the Jays, and I want another WS ring, I want winning players.

        Does Sanchez fit into the winning category?

        Does Stroman? Pillar? Osuna?

        Your thoughts?

        Note. I agree wholeheartedly that gutting out a “sore” throwing elbow or shoulder, hammy, groin, etc., is a bigger problem waiting to happen… but a bruise?…. On a knuckle?

        • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

          Tell you what..go punch a wall..but only so you bruise one knuckle…and then lets 0lay catch for 100 pitches or so with maximum exertion. Them lets talk.

          I think you may be right regarding Sanchez in terms of where he is service time wise…but I would wait at least a year on that and if he still has not had any success…then give seriuos considerstion about making him the closer and talk to him about it. If he is on board great. If not…might be time for a change of scenery….nuff said on my part.