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Sell High On Maile And Bring Up Danny Jansen

Since I’m just drunk on this trade stuff and I feel like taking another sip from the bullshit bottle, I say sell high on Luke Maile now. I know that the beloved chosen one is a fan favourite and he’s just so nice. And he should be delivered to the All-Star game and all that stuff. But, it’s time for the Jays to move on and sell high.

The refreshing Luke Maile story has been nice during a pretty ugly season, but he’s not the catcher of the future and it’s time to free Danny Jansen.

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Danny Jansen continues to do Danny Jansen things for the Bisons. He is currently slashing .308/.416/.495 and has a Danny-Jansen-is-better-than-Luke-Maile OPS of .910. It’s time for Danny Jansen to be set free from Coca-Cola Field and set foot on the good carpet of the Dome.

When Jansen isn’t calling the game behind the plate, Bobby Meacham has him hitting DH because he hits baseballs and he hits baseballs hard. I’ve been watching Bisons games a lot this year – especially since the Jays have been so shitty – and this kid is ready for the show now. And it doesn’t take a big time baseball scout to tell you that. Any fan that has been watching the Bisons knows this. And so does Steven Sanders, Gil Kim, Ross Atkins, Mark Shapiro and company.

Danny Jansen is leading the Bisons in hits. He’s leading the Bisons in good ol’ fashion RBIs. He’s leading the team in OBP and in OPS. He’s just leading the Bisons. I could go on and on about Danny Jansen and rah rah the hell out of him because it’s fun and because Danny Jansen is Actually Good.

Luke Maile has been fine this year. He has been putting baseballs in the air. He has been making solid contact. He has been doing things that have fans hash-tagging the shit out of #DeliverTheMaile-meh.

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But, the Jays should deliver him to a contending team and sell high on him now. The Jays have so much catching depth in the system, there’s no reason to keep Maile around for next season. So I say, take a sip from the trade season bottle and let’s have some fun, and let’s see the Jays sell high on Luke Maile before Luke Maile actually starts doing real Luke Maile things.

Luke Maile is making MLB minimum wage and is arb-ing it up until the end of the 2022 season. So any contending team looking to upgrade their catching position should be very interested in Luke Maile right now. He’s slashing .241/.339/.398 and has an OPS+ 102 – not too Maile bad at all.

Milwaukee might be looking for a catcher like Maile, so they can upgrade from Manny Pina who has been pretty shitty this season. Pina is slashing .219/.280/.356 and has a sad OPS+ 70.

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Boston is another team that should probably look to upgrade their catching position because Christian Vazquez has been really bad. He’s been about as bad as all the shitty popular music played on the radio these days. He’s slashing .210/.253/.284 and has an Ed Sheeran OPS+ 45 – not very good at all. Luke Maile could be a prince behind the plate and in the batter’s box for the Brewers and the Red Sox.

So, let’s cut all the cute shit and stop with this #DeliverThe blah blah blah and start thinking about the damn future here, folks. Danny Jansen is better than Luke Maile. Danny Jansen is the catcher of the future. And it’s time to free him. Luke Maile has been doing good things, which is totally cool. But, the Jays should fleece some dumb team like Boston and let Maile go do those good things somewhere else.

I’m starting to get a bit thirsty now, so I think that’s all I have to say about this stuff. I think it’s time to walk down Queen West, go to my dive bar, and have a drink. And then maybe get a Roti – or something.

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