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Morning update: We Won’t Be Seeing Josh Donaldson For At Least Three Weeks

A couple hours before Ryan Borucki made his Major League debut against the Astros last night, we received some news on the injury front.

Josh Donaldson, who was apparently super close to returning last week, suffered a setback and won’t be back anytime soon.

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This news sucks for Donaldson because after all the success he’s had the past few seasons, he won’t be getting that big payday this winter like everybody expected. When the perennial MVP candidate has been on the field for the Jays this season, it’s been pretty underwhelming. He’s slashing just .234/.333/.423 over 36 games.

This news isn’t all bad for Blue Jays fans, as it means that JD could be back next season. This year is pretty much dead for the team anyway, and the odds of him accepting that qualifying offer are getting better and better day by day. I can already hear the “but what about Vlad?” question that people are about to scream, but what’s the harm in having both? JD could rebuild value by playing third everyday with the occasional DH spot. That way, our large adult son Vladito can get some reps at the hot corner and then take over full time in a worst case scenario if the team sucks by the deadline and Donaldson is shipped out. It’s also kind of nice to be rebuilding, but not totally intentionally shitty.

Tell me that a potential team consisting of guys like Donaldson, Grichuk, Hernandez, and Smoak as well as a few of the kids doesn’t intrigue you!

  • Abogilo

    Or Vlad plays 3B at AAA until the deadline/super 2 date, and comes up arround the trade deadline when the jays are in it/trade donaldson.

    Why not add another year of control to our next 3B for the price of a 2019 QO year of JD?

  • Tuloshyperbaricchamber

    Well it does seem increasingly likely he will take a qualifying offer if it’s given to him.

    It would be nice to see one more year of a healthy Donaldson as a Jay. The transition to Vlad will be fun to watch.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      You mean a half season until the trade deadline next season…assuming things go well. I think with a pro rated 17 million or whatever..and him playing well..the prospect haul might be decent. Time will tell

  • Knuckle Balls

    kinda not surprised by Donaldson. Seems things can only get worse before they get better. Maybe this is for the better. I have no problem with Donaldson here with Vlad. Bring Vlad up in May and play Donaldson at SS or First Base and then trade him or if the team is playing well keep him, I do not know. Baseball is a very unforgiving game, your the talk of the town one minute and your out of site the next. Almost like movie actors. I like Donaldson and his intensity and his veteran leadership on the field would play will with the youngsters coming up.

  • Holly Wood

    Ryan Goins was dfa’d today , sign him for depth and to hit for Martin with runners on. I am not joking, I cannot continue to watch Martin kill rallies.