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It’s Time To Embark On Check-Your-Phone Season

Whatever the hell is going to happen at the trade deadline is going to happen, obviously. Maybe many of us will be happy with the moves the front office makes. Maybe some of us won’t be happy at all. Maybe some people just aren’t happy about anything ever anyway, so who really gives a shit at the end of the baseball day?

This trade deadline is important yes, but it is not going to break the Jays. It probably won’t make them either, to be very effing honest with you. But, what do I know? I mean, clearly adding talent into the system is going to help and all that stuff, but if the Jays don’t land Clint Frazier from the dumb Yankees plus a top pitching prospect for Happ, everything will still be fine, right? Maybe the Jays will abandon this Yankees shit and trade Happ to Seattle? Or perhaps Milwaukee? Who really knows? Not even a guy like Ken Rosenthal has the answer right now.

Bullshit season is here and with its winds comes all the juicy trade rumors. The Jays are definitely in a position to make some moves this trade deadline – which you already know – that will help this future that we’re all ready for right now. The time has come when Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins can start to do things the way they want to do them without Rogers getting in the way – sort of. Well, Rogers will always be in the way, but you know what I mean. Maybe one day Rogers will just get out of the way forever. Anywho…

Now, of course fans overvalue their team’s players during this time of the year, which usually leads to disappointment when the trade deadline comes and goes. So, it’s important to stay realistic right now and not allow your galaxy Jays brain to explode when all is said and done.

And I’m not shitting on anything here, but the Jays traded Daniel Norris, Jairo Labourt, and Matt Boyd to the Tigers for David Price. Does a rental pitcher like Happ have as much value as Price did back in ’15? Shit, I mean, maybe he does. That deal didn’t really work out the way that the Tigers planned, but you can’t predict Daniel-Norris-prospect-y-sideways even though it’s a very real thing.

Jacob deGrom, Blake Snell, Jose Berrios, Kyle Gibson, Cole Hamels, Michael Fulmer, Chris Archer, and even Noah Syndergaard are all names that have been floated out into the bullshit trade rumor winds. And we all know that the Yankees, Mariners, Rockies, Braves, Brewers, and D-backs are looking to add pitching and trade some prospects for a chance at having a parade. Soooooooooooooooooo, who knows what the fuck will happen? But, Happ will not be a Jay soon and Happ is a fine pitcher. And godspeed J effing Happ when that time comes.

So what is a cool deal for Happ? It seems like many Jays fans want Clint Frazier. The front office is probably looking for one of those Yankee pitching prospects, too. Whatever it is going to take to get a deal done, I’m sure that if it’s going to be as savagely good as many of us hope it will be, Happ plus something is what it will take to make it happen.

I’m just spit balling here because the time has come when all of us fans check our phones constantly to see if a move has been made. This is going to be a very active trade deadline for the Jays, one like ’15 – minus the going-for-it angle. Those were fun times. I miss you ’15. We all miss you ’15. Thank you ’15.

I digress. It’s time for Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins to get their hands dirty and roll around in the mud. They have had to work within certain *COUGH*ROGERS*COUGH* parameters in their first couple of seasons with the organization. Now, they can hopefully step outside of the Rogers box and hit some trade deadline dingers and build for the future in the offseason, too.

They have been rebuilding the farm system since they took over the organization. They have constructed a couple of hopeful wild card rosters, but none of the ifs that needed to happen for that to happen went their way. And because of those ifs turning down dogshit lane, 2017 was shitty and ’18 has been shitier. It’s been real shitty and the shit winds keep blowing here in Toronto.

With all that stuff that has happened, of course, the shitheads run with their shitty ‘should’ve’ thoughts. However, the time is now for moves. And boy, there will be moves.

The truth is not enough time has passed to make any fair assessment on the current regime. However, the decisions that they make moving forward will definitely define the future years to come. Let’s hope that it works out for them and us. The trade season has officially kicked off with Machado moving to the Dodgers and now the CleveHanders doing some big lefty things. I mean, the Jays kicked it all off by sending Pearce and his sleeve to the Sox, but you know what I mean.

It’s time for this front office to grab the Vladdy future by the baseball plakatas and do all the things that need to be done. The 2019 roster is going to be fun, but the 2019 roster is going to be pretty damn young. The 2019 roster is not going to bring back a ’93 style parade down Yonge St. But, the decisions that are made now and in ’19 will, so here’s to the nifty moves they have planned.

Here’s to Happ being traded to whoever. Here’s to some bullpen arms being traded, too. Here’s to Kevin Pillar not being a Jay one day. Here’s to Osuna probably being dealt this offseason. Here’s to Marcus Stroman maybe being a Brave. Here’s to any move that is going to make this organization better in this future we can’t stop talking about. And here’s to the Vladdy years to come.

Check-your-phone season has begun, and it’s totally cool. Now, seriously let’s fleece the Yankees for Clint Frazier and a pitching prospect, right?

  • PastorofMuppets

    I’m looking at Sheffield, though with the skankees backing away from a potential Machado deal involving him, not sure if they’ll do it for Happ. Pitching’s a greater need for them so maybe! Frazier would be cool too though!

  • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

    Realistically, I cannot see them getting a top end prospect for a rental. Plus, Happ hasn’t helped things out, with his performance over his last few starts. Now, I only point this out, because I don’t want to get my hopes up. I don’t know, I hope I’m wrong, but I would even be surprised that they would trade Happ to the Yankees. But who knows….time will tell.

    • Dexxter

      No reason they shouldn’t trade him to the Yankees if that’s the best offer they get. I can see them trying to add lesser prospects to improve their return. Yankees won’t trade Sheffield for Happ. But maybe for Happ and Jon Harris or another lesser prospect gets it done.

      • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

        I agree…trade with whomever gives you the best offer. But I imagine that divisional trades would require more and NYY may balk. In the end I hope we snag a great prospect and resign happ in the off season.

  • domtron

    The Jays’ best chance at grabbing a top tier prospect would be to package Osuna with some other arms (Clippard or Axford) and replace that face puncher in Houston. If Brad Hand can land the top C prospect in baseball, what can a controlled top closer bring back?