Eugene and Oh for Chad Spanberger

Twitter has been exploding all night with some oh-so-crazy trade deadline stuff. Yeah, that oh-so-crazy shitty pun thing I just typed up is pretty lame, but whatever. It all started with a little Morororororosi this:

And then came this:

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And then this:

And let me just get all ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ while I’m at it…

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So, of course, all of us went and googled Chad Spanberger to look at this:

But, you have to be careful with these 2018 Class-A numbers, especially the dingers thing because McCormick Field – the home of the Asheville Tourists and where Spanberger hit a lot of baseballs – looks like this:

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So, yeah, right field is kind of not much of anything. And if you’re a 22-year-old who hits from the left side like Spanberger, then you better be raking, especially in Class-A.

Baseball Census had this to say about his power, which seems to be the big thing going for this 6′ 3″ first base prospect from Granite City, IL:

It’s cool that the Jays were able to pick up a prospect for 36-year-old Seung-hwan Oh (and Eugene his translator), but let’s not get too carried away here.

Adding depth in the farm is never a bad thing, as we all know. But, Spanberger might be more of a meh than a whoa whoa whoa sort of prospect. But, if the meh turns to whoa, that is very fine. Either way, this is a good trade for the Jays, Oh brought back a prospect (maybe more as we wait for other names in the deal).

Now, here’s a video of that new prospect:

  • Dabbles

    Am I the only one who thinks this a poor return for Oh? His numbers are great this year and surely a contender can give up a better prospect than that. Hell he has a cheap option next year, it may have even been better to keep him on the Jays. What do I know. Also maybe there is more to this deal as there are no official reports yet.

  • Tuloshyperbaricchamber

    Ohkay. We don’t have many pure power hitters in the minors. Fangraphs gives him a 70 power and we got a 2nd prospect in the deal too.

    I like him a lot but Oh is not part of the future plans…because he’s ohld.


  • Kristen Sprague

    Trade all the relievers. Okay…not all of them but relievers are so volatile from year to year and bullpen is relatively easy to piece together on the fly. So….yeah trade em