Curtis Granderson also got traded tonight

HUG WATCH! Minutes after the Blue Jays completed their ninth-inning comeback against the Miami Marlins, Curtis Granderson was seen hugging his teammates. This isn’t just because they won an exhilarating game of meaningless baseball, of course, it’s because Granderson had been traded.


Oh boy, Josh Donaldson traded to Cleveland

Jeff Passan tossed out an incredibly vague tweet letting everybody know that Josh Donaldson has been traded. I mean, without saying where he’s going this is barely news because we all knew it was going to happen, but, anyways, there it is.


Times are challenging around here

Some Jays fans are growing incredibly impatient and restless with this front office given the way things have turned out in these last two seasons. And to be honest, I kind of get it. I believe in this future vision that we have all heard Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins speak about on numerous occasions,…


It’s wild how good 17-year-old Eric Pardinho has been

I grew up listening to stories about arguably one of the greatest MLB hurlers of all time, Bob Feller, who pitched for Cleveland from 1936 – ‘56. He didn’t pitch from 1942 – ’44 because he served in the war. However, Feller did pitch for 18 seasons in the MLB. He went on to win…


All aboard the Phillies Bandwagon

Not sure which team to cheer for down the stretch? Is the idea of a Red Sox or Yankees World Series too daunting for you to pay attention? Well, the Phillies just gave you a reason to care about them.


Could Mark Shapiro be moving on?

So, it’s no secret that some people on the Blue Jays beat have written and talked about this ‘Mark Shapiro vs. Rogers’ thing over the past couple of weeks. And a writer for the Boston Globe has added some meat to the Shapiro leaving Toronto saga, too. The very busy Mark Shapiro, who, according to…


What Should The Blue Jays Do With Kendrys Morales?

Kendrys Morales has been on a tear as of late. He was named American League player of the week after hitting a homering in seven straight games, slashing a ridiculous .478/.500/.1391 for the week of August 20th. That stretch of seven games brought him up to .264/.343/.484 on the year, which seems like a miracle…


Will Kendrys go deep again tonight?

Last week, Kendrys Morales drank some of Mike’s Secret Stuff and now he’s hitting fucking everything out of the park. He’s currently one more game with a home run shy of tying Major League Baseball’s all-time record for consecutive games with a bomb. Can he go deep again tonight?!


The Josh Donaldson trade window will open tomorrow

Josh Donaldson send Blue Jays fans into a tizzy over the weekend when his locker randomly got emptied. His stall featured a completely empty locker with just his name tag which sparked rumours that a trade was imminent, or, worse yet, Donaldson just said “fuck it!” and went home for the season like Troy Tulowitzki.