Here’s a big sarcastic thumbs up to 2018

You might have noticed that I haven’t been writing much lately and that’s because I have been away on vacation for close to two weeks now.

I went up to the good ol’ cottage in Whitestone and tried to pull some fish out of Wahwashkesh Lake. I didn’t catch much of anything because I swear there are no fish in that lake, but I did catch a couple booze-driven buzzes – better than the couple innings of Jays baseball I watched.

It’s been the summer of sigh.

But, the summer is fun even if the Jays stink. And they sure as shit have stunk.

…I didn’t go on Twitter once while on vacation, which was great because Twitter is kind of dumb. I honestly wouldn’t dive into that Internet trash can if it weren’t for baseball, but I’m sifting through the garbage again because I’m back from vacation and need to jump into the baseball swing of things.

So I have been humming and hawing at what the hell to write because the season is boring right now and nothing has been fun and you can only lean on prospect content for so long before that gets boring too, right? Although prospect content is good stuff to read when everything is bleak – that’s for sure.

It’s all we have right now…

At least at the end of the day, the Jays tried to kick the 2018 wild card can, but it got stuck in their cleats and then they tripped and fell hard on their remember-Josh-Donaldson faces…UGH…GAH…Big effing blah.


I’m trying not to be negative here, but with all that has happened this season – with all the thumbs to the eye – the whole John Gibbons getting canned stuff begins.

And I love John Gibbons, so deep breath and…

#GibbyTheBest (but maybe it’s time)

I’m really trying to figure out how to write something that isn’t going to be boring because boring is bad.

Bad like the 2018 Blue Jays season.

I was thinking about doing a post (with one-liners) where I compare how bad this season is to some pretty lame things and trends. This is the best thing I could come up with…

The 2018 Jays season is as bad as frosted tips from the late nineties…

Badum *bad* tish. 

There are so many more of these I could do, but what’s the point.

The truth is, this season has been one big sarcastic thumbs up after another.




…And so many more.

So, here’s to you 2018 you sonofa…fun times.

It hasn’t been much fun at all.

Oh well. They tried.


At least the Jays have one of the best farm systems in baseball, right?

The Jays have Vlad. That’s cool.

So, I guess, as the summer of sigh continues to press on during these humid days, we should all continue to sip the bottle of Vlad. Sip it until you pass out and wake up in the third week of April 2019. Sip it until the Jays do what AA did with Acuna in Atlanta. Sip it until the day comes that he gets called up. Sip the shit out of it and the hope that it brings.

Maybe we should just change the name of this site to Vlady Nation for now.

It’s a long day’s journey into tomorrow, but tomorrow will soon come. Hopefully mediocrity doesn’t follow along for too much longer.

Hopefully, the future will do this…

My name is Ryan Di Francesco, and I am back from vacation.

  • lukewarmwater

    Sad to see so many Jay fans simply accept mediocrity. Mind you many of them are too young to remember the World series championships when we truly had great ownership in Labatts. Rogers is closing in on 2 decades of owning the Jays and good old Edward Rogers has given the Jays fans a year and a half of competitive baseball in that time well he garnered in gazillions. I mean the guy knows he has suckers when he raised ticket prices 17% when he is fully aware that this years team would be yesterday’s garbage.
    It is indeed pathetic to see a guy post in here how he is so excited to see Vlad jr. play for the Jays for 5 years before he and his agent go for the big bucks, presuming he is the real deal in those 5 years like his dad. Yesiree the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers will come a calling and Scrooge Rogers won’t cough up the money.
    So what this poster in another article in here is really, really saying is that the fourth largest market in North America with a gazillionaire owner treats the club as an equivalent to the Rays, Oakland and San Diego. In other words a triple A farm club for the big boy teams. Shame on Rogers, freaking sell the team to somebody who wants to win and take your stinking pigeon shit infested statue with you as well Eddy.

    • Manny b

      I’m old enough to remember all the years. I will agree with you on rogers ownership up to a point. But not since 2013. And can anyone honestly say that they could have predicted all the injuries and under performance after 2016? Obviously, hindsight is 20/20.

      If they had a crystal ball, and traded guys earlier, how far ahead would the Jays be than now? They’d probably have some better prospects for the traded players (Donaldson primarily), but the Jays system is already ranked 3-5, so how much better?

      The other point you make, about many people feeling that once a player reaches free agency Rogers won’t pay them to stay, I wonder about that too. Toronto is not a small market town, and they have not acted like it since 2013. They gave out big contracts to Wells, Holliday. So I don’t see them not being able to make a competitive offer to Vladdy.

      I don’t think you can make the mediocrity argument past 2013. You can accurately say that they didn’t get the results except in 15/16, that’s true, but that’s why they play the games.

      And there’s big time reasons to be excited about the future.

      • lukewarmwater

        Manny thanks to your thoughtful reply. I too agree that this club has had a horrendous number of injuries, some due to guys simply getting old and wearing out, Martin and Tulo come to mind. But who could have predicted the best E.R.A. pitcher a couple of years ago about to enter his prime would have finger problems that have taken away two of his prime years. Who could have predicted the Osuna incident, btw Giles has been brutal. Now I wanted to see him gone but sadly teams like the Cubs and Yankees have no problems with the Chapmans of the world. Obviously the current world series champs Astros sadly have no problem with a domestic violator join their club.
        The perception I get from a lot of the media and a previous poster in an article suggests a mentality of let us not bring up Vlad as it would burn a year. So what that to some degree translate into is lets get 5 or 6 years out of this potential super star and then debate whether we want to compete with the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers who will have their agents calling. It is a mentality of mediocrity that is what gets to me. Yesiree they play the games in Tampa, San Diego, Oakland and once in a while lightning indeed strikes and both the Rays and Oakland have had solid contenders only to have their fans see the rising stars sold off for future prospects.
        I totally agree the Jays have a very solid farm system but so do other clubs and the question of the day is what next big free agent will the Red Sox or Yankees or the Dodgers sign to make them even stronger.
        The bottom line is the Jays have to make an absolute huge trade brought on by the commissioner and that is namely expansion where the Jays can be moved into the central where only Cleveland is over 500 and the rest of the triple A teams, the Tigers, White Sox, Royals and Twins are fodder for the Indians 76 times a year.
        As long as we remain in the A.L. east and the Yankees and Red Sox continue their war to win the division, the Jays will just be playing the games with the only increase being in ticket prices, poor beer, souvenirs etc. etc. etc.
        My goodness leaf fans lived with mediocrity for half a century so Rogers has another 30 years of giving the same old same with a rare year and a half of entertainment perhaps thrown in every decade.

        • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

          The Jays will never play in the Central. That pipe dream needs to be ended once and for all. At best, if say Mtrl got another team and alignment was in the air you might see the Expos in the AL East. And getting a team is a big if. No the real solution is expansion of the play offs. Make baseball more like the NBA, NFL and the NHL and let more teams into the playoffs. Less teams will tank when there is a better chance at getting in. Imagine an NBA tank list if the playoffs were like mlb? Baseball is becoming a snooze fest. It’s been overtaken by analytics ( which is a great tool) at the expense of letting the players play. Over engineered defensive shifts, pitch calling and hitting. Will millenials embrace this game the way those before them did? I think not. I hope I’m wrong…but as I read in a recent article ( for the life of me I cannot find it). The nerds have taken over baseball. No baseball needs to pick up the pace, get back to the 90 min game (I have no idea how at this point) and have expansion.

          • lukewarmwater

            Thanks Paul for the article. You are right as getting into the A.L. central is likely a pipe dream but sadly the team is in reality purgatory with both the Red Sox and Yankees determined to be numero uno in the division.
            Today’s game and yesterday’s were total farces as the Rays used 5 rookies in the infield Friday night and won 7 to 0. Now I get they have been deciminated with their pitching staff but this increasingly use of the whole bull pen for a game makes a mockery of the sport. The shift is resulting in more and more guys struggling to hit 220. Why some of them won’t attempt to go to the opposite field or lay a bunt down is beyond my comprehension.
            I’m out on the west coast and it wasn’t till I visited Toronto, New York, Boston etc. that I realised on a number of occasions games would go into the next day as pitchers delay, batters step out of the box. Reviews go on for ever, managers use 4 or 5 pitchers. I would think to the younger crowd the way the game is played today is a cure for insomia.
            I use to be a walking encyclopedia on teams and their players but now as example, I could only recall 3 of the Oakland regular players and as I stated Tampa uses a whole rookie infield and still pound the Jays. Btw I couldn’t help think that the crowd today likely had about 40% who never saw those two world series champions. Then they had to watch two triple A teams perform. It truly reminds me of the leafs bringing out the 1962, 1963, 1964 Stanley cup teams for the fans to give a standing ovation and then have to watch horrible leaf clubs perform. Thank the Lord that on paper the leafs are now a power house.