Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Daddy Jansen hits his first MLB dinger

The rebuild is full on and we’re all drunk on future Jays stuff right now. It beats maudlin around in the 2018-season-has-been-worse-than-the-2017 woes and sighs that have had us all howling into the I miss 2015 and ’16 winds.

Danny – I mean Daddy – Jansen hit his first dinger in his young AF MLB career tonight.

Jansen pointed to his family in the stands while he was cruising back into the dugout after he crushed this ball and touched all the bags, which makes it all that much cooler because feel good stories are something that Jays fans haven’t had a lot of this year.

I know that this Jansen story is fresh and this is a small sample size, but it’s fun. And we all need fun right now. I’m pretty sure that we want more of this kind of stuff injected into our baseball lives.

It’s been hard for the casual fan to stick around and watch these Jays, which I get. However, with prospect-y fun starting to do big things at the MLB level, maybe that will give fans a reason to stick around and watch the Jays for the rest of August during these back-to-school commercial times. Shit, maybe these future Blue Jays will be the reason fans want to watch meaningless baseball in September, too.

There hasn’t been much to get excited about this season, so let’s enjoy Daddy Jansen’s first home run. Hopefully, all the fickle fans who have compared him to J.P. Arencibia earlier in the year will stop with that nonsensical garbage.

The Jays’ future catcher is here. What’s a Luke Maile again?