EA Sports might bring MVP Baseball back to life

Over a decade later, MVP Baseball is still the best baseball video game ever made.

The game was overflowing with stuff to do, like a franchise mode where you could manage three minor league affiliates and the entire financial side of your organization, an owner mode where you could build your own stadium over time, and a bunch of classic stadiums with legendary players who could be thrown into game modes. It was shockingly good for a game from the mid-2000s because you can still very easily pick it up and play it in 2018. 

It looks like EA Sports is interested in getting back into the baseball world. EA Sports executive vice president Cam Weber said that the company would love to add a baseball game to its portfolio.

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“I would love to have a baseball game in our portfolio,” Weber said. “It’s something that once again, every couple years, we take a look and we talk about and theorize about what it might look like to get back into something like baseball.”

MVP Baseball existed from 2003 to 2005. Then in 2005, EA Sports signed an exclusive license with the NFL and ESPN for its Madden games and, in response, Take-Two Interactive signed an exclusive third-party license with MLB and the MLBPA and 2K Sports took over creating baseball games. The 2K games were pretty meh but they were the only option for those who had another system other than a Playstation. If you did have a PS, you could play MLB The Show games, which were very good.

We’ve been teased before when it comes to MVP Baseball. EA has said multiple times they want to get back into baseball, but it hasn’t happened. I don’t want to get too excited, but good lord it would be amazing if this happened. I mean, if EA could throw together a game in the mid-2000s that allowed you to play fucking 120 seasons (!!!) of dynasty mode with three levels of minor league systems, imagine what they’ll do now. Yes, I would love to play a franchise mode with a comprehensive 40-round draft, international signings, and rookie leagues. I would also love an owner mode in which you had to deal with wild PR situations and other external circumstances.

I’m also ready for another MVP Baseball soundtrack. The Red Sox can eat my ass but this song coming on when you’re in a franchise mode haze absolutely slaps.

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