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Multiple teams are reportedly interested in Josh Donaldson

The Blue Jays have until the end of the day on Friday to deal Josh Donaldson. Is that enough time to start a bidding war and actually get something of remote value for him?

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Per Rob Longley, multiple teams are interested in acquiring the former MVP despite the fact he hasn’t played since May. I mean, if you’re a team in a playoff race, it’s probably worth taking a risk on a player with so much upside because your other options would be lower upside guys of the Jose Bautista and Curtis Granderson ilk.

I have this deep suspicion that the Red Sox are interested in Donaldson. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to the pain of being a Blue jays fan that I just assume Donaldson will find his way to a massive September in Boston while the Jays somehow get less than they did in return for Steve Pearce. In reality, though, Boston’s current third baseman, Rafael Devers, is currently on the 10-day disabled list opening up room for a Donaldson addition. Also, Donaldson could easily be an upgrade on the 21-year-old who sports a modest .719 OPS for the season.

Elsewhere in the American League? The Yankees could deem he’s better than Greg Bird at first base. A A return to the stingy Oakland A’s doesn’t seem likely. Cleveland has room to possibly use Donaldson in a corner outfield spot and the PR response of that deal would be fucking hilarious. The Astros wouldn’t  be an option either with Alex Bregman at third, unless they, like I suggested with New York, figured he could be an upgrade on Yuli Gurriel at first. I doubt it, though.

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How about the National League? There are eight teams all in the middle of an extremely tight playoff race. The Cubs and Dodgers likely don’t have room, though those are the big-budget teams you’d expect to be able to execute this kind of deal. The Diamondbacks had their third baseman Jake Lamb hit the DL to undergo season-ending surgery. The Rockies are fine at third with Nolan Arenado. The Phillies and Brewers look like they could use just about any boost they can get. Donaldson has always been linked to the Cardinals. The Braves don’t need a third baseman but Alex Anthopolous is their general manager so anything is possible.

So, yeah, there definitely seems to be a handful of fits for Donaldson out there. Like I said, I’ve been through enough Jays-related pain that Donaldson to Boston just seems inevitable. Hopefully the Jays can start some kind of bidding war in the National League dog race to get something worthwhile in return.

  • Andy Z

    If I am the GM of Cleveland or Oakland, I’m claiming him on waivers. There should be little to no concern that the Jays will dump him for salary relief, as they would likely hold him for the compensation pick if they can’t trade him. Shapiro and Atkins are so devoted to asset management that they won’t let JD go for less than the value of the draft pick and the accompanying slot money, which can actually be rather significant. They won’t just drop him to save $4M.

    So, the biggest concern should be JD going to BOS, NY, or HOU. A healthy JD on one of those teams would be very bad news. So, OAK and CLE should be claiming him to either get him or block him from going elsewhere. At this point he could be the difference-maker for either of those teams in a short series, and for Oakland he could mean the difference between playing the Yankees in a play-in (and then Boston in the ALDS) and playing Cleveland in the ALDS. It would be absolutely stupid not to claim him, as there is virtually no risk.

    As far as fitting him in, who cares? CLE would play him at 3B, Ramirez at 2B, and Kipnis gets shot into the sun. OAK can rotate him in at 3B, 1B, and DH with Canha hitting the bench and Davis spending time in LF if JD is DHing. So, they have the room, the Jays will likely pick up the tab – all they need to do is make with the right value in prospects.

      • Player to Be Named Later

        Hah – this commenting system still sucks. I went to give El Cabeza his upvote but clicked my own comment by mistake. Then I clicked it again, assuming it would UN-upvote it. But no – so now I have 2 self-upvotes! I clearly think a lot of myself.

  • Rob Ray

    Among AL contenders, Seattle has the first shot at Donaldson. I’d think they’d claim him, if for no other reason, to block a competitor from getting him.

      • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

        Hmm…2 pretty amazing comments Eddie. Keep it up. In response, 4 million, vs the value of the prospect they will get in return. If it’s an org filler, well, it still beats having to offer him the QO. If it’s a lottery ticket, well, it can go either way, but even if it pans out to say a 4th outfielder or an infield backup, that’s more valuable than having to give him a QO and him accepting it. I say this without being able to find any stats to determine the value of a draft pick, vs a QO, vs a lottery ticket vs an org filler. But I’m sure I’ve read something about this somewhere. Can anyone help and fill in what I’m missing?

  • TheSpidersWhoAttackedGlenallenHill

    I don’t think you can really start a bidding war, can you? If he is placed on waivers, it’s just the lowest ranked team that has placed a claim that you can negotiate with. If you don’t like the deal, you can’t turn to any other team, you can only pull him off waivers. Unless of course there are some unspoken rules I don’t know about.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      I think they are hoping that no one claims him, but then multiple teams come forward. I think he will not be claimed, unless someone wants to block another team. It is probably easier to not claim and then look to trade and without the possibility of the Jays just letting him go for nothing, with the claiming team paying the remainder of his contract. Why not wait, and hope you can offer the best 3rd tier prospect or whatever, and have the Jays pick up the salary. If someone else gets him, well, no loss for a team right.

  • Oz Rob

    Just saw on Sportsnet that he’s not playing today due to calf and leg soreness. Holy cow, 5 innings and he’s sore? What is wrong with those calves that they can’t heal over several months???? It’s almost like there’s a conspiracy theory going on.