Josh Donaldson clears trade waivers, trade seems inevitable

There’s really no doubt that Josh Donaldson is going to be traded prior to midnight on Friday. He’s cleared trade waivers and can now be dealt anywhere. 

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So… yeah. There aren’t really any surprises here at all. I thought there might have been a chance that somebody claimed him to block another team from acquiring him, but, after David Daniel Murphy was able to go to the top team in the National League a few weeks back, it isn’t all too surprising that nobody pulled that trick.

The most interesting tidbit today is Bob Nightendale reporting that Cleveland and St. Louis are the two most likely suitors for Donaldson.

The Cardinals aren’t a surprise as they’d been in on JD for months dating back to last off-season, but the Cleveland addition is an interesting one. He would be a nice upgrade on Cleveland’s roster as they have some holes in their lineup, but this is particularly funny because of the absolute shit-storm that would result from Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins handing the former MVP to their old club.

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All we can do now is wait and hope that the return isn’t terrible.

  • McNamee’s Beer Can

    What if AA pulls a Jeter, and sends the Jays one of the 17 young starting pitchers they have for Donaldson. I know, I know. Won’t happen because AA isn’t Jeter and that sort of stuff only happens for the Yankees or Red Sox.

    • The Humungus

      Conner Green has strcuk out 68 and walked 62 in 86 innings between AA and AAA this year.

      They converted him to relief, he’s got 25 K’s to 30 BB in 37.1 innings.

      I mean, it’s funny to think they’d get him back, but otherwise no, it would not be fun. He sucks.

  • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

    Man, the FO is not doing itself any favors. Sure, it’s a business, but TO already has to work with being in another country. They need to go above and beyond treating their players well. Bumblefucking around, and letting it “Slip”, that they want Donaldson gone, (I say slip, as in off the record to a reporter) won’t do them any favors in the eyes of future players and fans. I really truly wonder if Aktins is suited for this position. (No proof it all came from him, but you have to think, with his experience, Shapiro would know better)

  • dolsh

    At least with Cleveland, they’re able to pull the “how much is it worth to end the streak” move. The Cards? I dunno. I’m not hopeful on return.

    I kinda just want this all to be bad reporting and he ends up agreeing to a QO.