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Oh boy, Josh Donaldson traded to Cleveland

Jeff Passan tossed out an incredibly vague tweet letting everybody know that Josh Donaldson has been traded. I mean, without saying where he’s going this is barely news because we all knew it was going to happen, but, anyways, there it is.

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Jokes aside, boy, this is the most hilarious place they possibly could have traded him. Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins already don’t have the endearment of most of the fanbase because they’ve been labelled since Day 1 as the penny-pinching-Cleveland-outsiders who shoved a local hero out of his role. Now they’re dealing a franchise legend to their former team for pennies on the dollar? Woof.

I mean, it’s not like this is actually what’s going on here, but still, it’s a funny look, you have to admit.

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Anyways, we’ll wait and see what coupons and autographed memorabilia the Jays get back in return.

That’s all for now. I’m going to take a little bit to let this sink in before actually giving an analysis of what went down because I don’t want to put out something overly-emotional and not worthwhile. It’s obviously super shitty seeing Donaldson go, although we all knew it was going to happen. The worst part for me is how it seemed there was a really realistic opportunity to give him a redemption tour but the organization wasn’t interested in it.

Regardless, thank you Josh Donaldson for being a fucking boss.

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  • ErnieWhitt

    That is the go to spot for beloved Blue Jays sluggers and Joe Smith.. It’s incredible to think that this is the end for Josh in Toronto given what he has been to this team in the past few years. The injury trouble is real, but to think they would end up giving him away for what will inevitably amount to almost nothing is totally bonkers.

  • Oz Rob

    This sucks. The whole situation sucks. I kind of feel sorry for the Front Office. I think they had to do this, but what a PR disaster. Same with the handling of Vlad..makes perfect business sense but a PR disaster. Osuna? Not their fault but somewhat of a PR disaster. Let’s hope we get to see him when the Indians come to town to give him a standing O or five.

  • For the love of Mike

    To Cleveland?! For one fucking player to be named later?!? This fucking management team has to come clean with this country about what the fuck they are doing with our team. They’ve fucking gutted it.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      As opposed to what? Having a limitless budget, signing every free agent and just releasing the dead weight? The team is old, unproductive and needs to focus on youth. With JD’s calve history over the past 2 years would you offer him a long term contract? They gave it one last kick at the can in terms of competing this year. Brought in some decent depth and took a chance that things would break right, while the talent in the minors got another year to percolate. In hindsight, yeah they should have traded everyone of value last winter. Then the howls would have been over why they did not try and keep the team together for one more try…or so says my crystal ball…or maybe it’s the beer talking. FO is growing. Have to confess I’m wondering about Akins, but as we have gone this far with him, we might as well go a little further and see how he does with a rebuild.

      • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

        To be clear. I meant would you offer JD a long term contract now. If not, with hours to trade him, no desire to offer a QO, you take what you can get. Also, keep in mind, there is a chance the PTBNL will be a prospect and the tier will depend on JD’s performance. If he goes and kicks ass maybe we get something decent. If he is not that great, well it’s better than nothing. Plus, you’ve got to think the Jays pick up the rest of his salary and the level of prospect will be higher as well. So lets see how it plays out right.

    • McNamee’s Beer Can

      I agree, this FO should have traded Stro-Chez and Acestrada for Scherzer before they decided to be shitty. For sure they had to know Donaldson would be hurt in his final year, thus trading a franchise icon when he still had value. Not to mention that Shapiro HAD to know that Osuna was gonna do what he did. Yup, this FO is trash.

  • AD

    Man, fuck rogers for meddling with this team. jD and the vets should have been dealt last trade deadline or over the winter latest. Instead, we had a depreciating asset for some misguided attempt at competing and got pennies on the dollar. nobody thought the jays were competing this year other than some delusional posters on here. “If everything goes right, jays will get a WC” was the phrase used when the season began. Guess what, that never happens. Fucking horseshit, rogers needs to sell the team asap.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      I thought they would compete with the depth they brought in. You made a good point about Rogers..if it’s true. But then you break down and lash out in hindsight and sound dumb. Would you be praising if the Jays competed? I doubt it. You would start baiting us all with something else. Grow up for F***Sake!

      • AD

        Cmon, “quality depth” this is the Fucking AL east, you need impact. Jays brought in a bunch of warm bodies over the winter, thats all. It was never going to cut it. Also, grow up?? Just because you disagree with my take doesnt mean im a child. LOTS of people share my view and im not talking about idiot sportsnet.ca posters.

        • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

          It’s not about disagreeing with you. It’s the troll like tantrums that you offer constantly! And alot of people share your point of view? Uh huh. I’ve yet to see any on this site. Not to bring politics into this but you sound like Trump quoting anonymous sources. Where is your proof that”…LOTS of people share my view”.

          • AD

            I have no idea who this guy is but he is bang on and a lot of people agree with him. Check out the twitter convo. Jeff Simmons

            Verified account

            Follow Follow @realjeffsimmons
            The Jays handling of Donaldson over the last year is one of the worst cases of asset management I’ve seen in a long time. Turned a quality asset into a player to be named later because they decided to chase mediocrity to sell tickets. Awful.

        • Manny b

          Jays and Angels and Mariners were the favorites to be competing for the second wildcard this spring, per Fangraphs. We all discussed it, some people agreed others not.

          In your post below you quote some guy who you admit you don’t know anything about. You use that tweet to support your argument.

          There’s two examples of why people don’t take your posts seriously. The first one, you distort facts. The second one, you pull a random tweet from someone that agrees with you to justify your position.

          Someone thinking like an adult would not post those things. That’s why you get called a child.

          • AD

            I did some digging, the guy is a columnist on sportsnet.ca. not like his opinion is be all end all but he has a platform and looks how many people agree with him on twitter and by liking that comment. And dont tell my they are all idiots. Some people on here just dont understand what a poor owner rogers is and just continue drinking the kool aid served by shapkins. Atkins is now saying it’ll be 3 yrs until jays are competitive. Wasnt this supposed to be a quick retool/reload?? Look at the how those clowns in ownership and mgmt bothced this situation.

  • Matty

    All I want to know is how JD completely tore his calf rehabbing a calf injury? Rehab is a gentle progressive treatment. A complete tear should not be possible.

    I don’t blame the FO for this shit hand they’ve been dealt but I do blame the trainers and how they managed to fuck this up so bad. They ditched their head trainer last year after “communication issues” and promoted Huffman. Her tenure so far has been a disaster.

    • The Humungus

      Except when she got Stroman back from an ACL in 6 months.

      Maybe Donaldson’s “nah, I’d rather use my guys” is an indictment of something more. I mean, Devon Travis has been healthy all season in Huffman’s first year. But, he’s also stated flat (on Schulman’s podcast) out he’s doing what the team tells him. So, what do I know, right?

      • Matty

        Donaldson says he got hurt in spring doing drills he shouldn’t have been doing. Then he completely tears his calf rehabbing. Dead arm to start the year.

        Tulo has missed the entire year.

        Sanchez’s finger was mishandled last year and this year. The list continues.

        Ya she helped stroman’s knee and Travis hasn’t blown up. Success!

        • The Humungus

          “Donaldson says he got hurt in spring doing drills he shouldn’t have been doing. Then he completely tears his calf rehabbing. Dead arm to start the year.”

          Donaldson says? Well then, that must mean the doctors are wrong, because he has that medical education he got in 3 years as a star student athlete in the SEC.

          “Tulo has missed the entire year.”

          Hey man, Tulo has missed a lot of years.

          “Sanchez’s finger was mishandled last year and this year.”

          Last year was Poulis. This year he messed himself up.