What do we want to see in September?

The days of Competitive September Baseball are gone. Now we’re into Expanded Roster September Baseball as we look forward to Large Adult Sons injecting some much-needed intrigue to the Blue Jays’ roster.


The Jaime Garcia era has mercifully come to an end

When the Blue Jays signed Jaime Garcia to a one-year deal with an option for a second year back in February, it seemed that they had found a nice bargain option for a veteran back-of-the-rotation starter. To put it bluntly — they didn’t.


Get Your First Look At The 2019 Blue Jays Schedule

I’d say it’s time to start looking forward to next year, but we’ve been doing that for months. Since we’ve pretty much all declared this season dead before June even finished, I know today is a special one. The Blue Jays have released their 2019 schedule.


Aaron Sanchez’s season was derailed by *checks notes* a suitcase

Aaron Sanchez has made just 15 starts this season. He was placed on the disabled list back in late June with a finger injury. Given the fact his entire 2017 went in the gutter due to a blister and other blister-related injuries, it seemed that this was just an extension of the same thing.


Thomas Pannone threw seven innings of one-hit ball

Thomas Pannone channeled his inner Jesse Litsch today. The young lefty carried a no-hitter into the seventh inning today against the Trash Birds and ended up surrendering just one single over seven innings of work. That’s a hell of a first start.


John Gibbons Is A Savage And A National Treasure

While I was trying to figure out what to do with my degree in my twenties, I used to bartend at a hoity-toity boutique hotel in Yorkville. I will never forget when an old Texan sat down at the bar on a hot lazy summer day and told me that it’s not everyday that a…


Justin Smoak Clears Trade Waivers

According to a Joel Sherman report in the New York Post, Justin Smoak has cleared trade waivers. This hasn’t been the best year for first basemen in the American League. The 31-year-old Smoak currently leads all qualified AL 1B a 126 wRC+ and is hitting .257/.363/.465 in 2018. Last year, that 126 mark wouldn’t have even…