“99.9 per cent chance” Gibbons is gone after the season

I think this is pretty much a foregone conclusion that everybody has accepted by this point, but Jon Heyman wrote today that the Blue Jays will have a new manager next season.

While nothing’s set in stone, one person familiar with the thinking of both parties, said it was “99.9 percent done” that the Jays would hire a new manager next season. Gibbons and GM Ross Atkins are said to have spoken multiple times about the plans, so sources say this would not come as a surprise to Gibbons.

“We’ll sit down after the year and see what direction we’re going to go, myself included,” Gibbons said by phone.

Atkins declined to comment.

Like I said, this is something that’s been coming for a while. When the Cleveland Boys took over in 2015, they ultimately decided to keep Gibby around after he helped lead the Jays to their first post-season berth in two decades. That isn’t really standard practice as a new front office will generally bring in a new manager, but they ended up keeping Gibby around for three more years, handing him an extension prior to the 2017 season.

I wrote on this in early August when Stephen Brunt appeared on radio to suggest that the Jays were going to move in a new direction. My thinking was that it was fair to bring in a younger, more new-school manager for the rebuild, but it would be gross if they let Gibby go before the end of the season. This front office hasn’t had all too much grace with handling PR, but they managed the Gibby situation in a nice and fair manner, I think.

  • Nice Guy Eddie

    “This front office hasn’t had all too much grace with handling PR”

    Really?? I’d say exactly the opposite. This front office, Ross Atkins and Mark Shapiro in particular, have been met from the outset with constant hostility and stupidity. The cretins in Toronto have been obsessed with the fact they were previously in Cleveland. Rosie DiMoron, the Mayor of Morontown accused them of betraying their current employer. Throughout all of this, Atkins and Shapiro have maintained their dignity. I think Ross in particular, who is in his first GM job, has worked hard trying to make this team better.

    In case anyone is mistaken, everyone who follows baseball has watched Ross Atkins disgusting and moronic treatment in Toronto and Toronto has stood out as the shitty litltle hick town that it is. Ain’t nobody coming to this Shithole now .

  • Oz Rob

    So there’s a 0.1% chance he can stay? I made the mistake of looking at the comments at Sportsnet. I had never done that before. It was a frightening look into humanity…who are those people?

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      They are first time users of any device that is internet capable…and they just discovered the internet and sportsnet is the only site they go to other than cnn and the McDonalds online coupon page. They know how to turn their devices on and off and are always amazed that the browser is still on and open to the page they were on yesterday…like magic. They also cannot believe that baseball is discussed more than the leafs on a baseball blog. They are all that 68 year old giy you see sitting at the end of the bar mumbling under his breathe, using 1 finger to painfully type and always look surprised when the bartender asks then for the 3rd time if they want another happy hour 10 Penny, as if life existed outside their self induced social coma. Or ya know they may be scientists.

      • lukewarmwater

        Well, well, I’m a year older than the 68 year old geezer at end of the bar. I prefer the middle of the bar personally as I type away. Being ambidextrous helps and I’m always thankful that I took that typing course some 53 years ago with a total class of fellow sixteen year old ladies from the old high school. I tend not to mumble under my breath in fact last night I met two guys in their 40’s who actually bought me drinks as they appreciated my knowledge of sports. Paul I hope that when you close in on 70, you too will be able to visit your favourite watering hole and being able to converse with fellow sports fans of all ages and have a good time. I get you wrote that in jest. But I took time out from doing my one arm push ups to reply to you. GO JAYS GO.

        • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

          Haha..did I write that in Jest?

          Yeah..all in fun. At 70 I hope to own the watering hole and talk sports all day…on a beach in Roatan. Or Kona. Time will tell.

          • Oz Rob

            Taking typing class in high school was the best thing I ever did. Except it’s hard to type on my phone. Back to Gibby. I hope they make an official announcement that he will be let go in the off season before the final home game so there’s an opportunity for the fans to give him a cheer. I doubt there’ll be any boos as the Sportsnet followers don’t attend games.

          • lukewarmwater

            I often travel down to the beautiful Oregon coast. Now a guy inherited millions and simply started buying the local bars in Lincoln city and making them really fun places to visit. Now that idea of owning a bar is indeed a cool thought. Plus you got to own a superb restaurant. But the sports bar would be indeed heaven.
            Cheers to you.

          • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

            @Oz Rob
            Funny, I would say, my taking typing in grade 11, was the only course in high school that helped me out in life, in anyway. Now that being said, I loved History in High School, and have a History degree. Although it was fun to get, the degree did not help anything, other than my intellect. Even then, you might wonder, wtf is he doing taking history 🙂
            But yeah, typing, as a software dev, engineer, web dev, or whatever my latest client wants to call me, typing has been a life save. I know devs who can barely type. Great minds, but the bottleneck is in the fingers.

            Yeah, owning restaurants has been a family thing for generations. Me, I’m a computer programmer. But worked in them all the way through school, and again, when the dot com bubble burst For 4 years in fact. I thought my career was over. That being said, I am at a place, where I would love to own run, and get out of what I do. Tired of the egos and bullshit that comes with a male dominated industry.

        • lukewarmwater

          Oz I’ve always felt Gibby would be a great neighbour to share beers with and talk baseball. Truly a likeable, affable and classy guy. I hope he gets a standing O at the final game.

      • lukewarmwater

        Paul I too have a degree in Canadian history led me to parliament hill. A major paper I wrote for a western Canadian history course, led to my writing my first book.