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Roberto Osuna booed in Rogers Centre return

Houston Astro Roberto Osuna returned to the Rogers Centre to a cold reception.

The closer came into Monday night’s game to put the finishing touches on a 5-3 Astros victory. It was Osuna’s 19th save of the season.

Osuna became a fan favourite during the 2015 season when, less than two years after undergoing Tommy John surgery, he took over closing games at the age of 20. We know about how good that team was, and how money he was for them en route to their back-to-back ALCS appearances.

This was a return that wasn’t like anything else. He was part of the team’s plans, until suddenly, he wasn’t. The divorce between many Blue Jays fans and Osuna was quick after news broke about his arrest on an assault charge back in May. He was handed a 75-game suspension by the MLB and was shipped out of town before it was complete.

This is obviously still a touchy subject, with the real world damage done, and his court date set for tomorrow. I’ll just leave the video below and let everybody else fight about it in the comments.

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        • GrumblePup

          First: His court date was the day after his return. So he got booed before anyone knew what the outcome was going to be.

          Second: he wasn’t found not guilty. He accepted a peace bond which doesn’t mean he’s innocent at all. His accuser didn’t cooperate. That also doesn’t mean he’s innocent. In fact people often decide not to testify or cooperate, for various reasons even though the guy is guilty.

          • El Cabeza

            “He’s not innocent at all.”

            In the eyes of the law he is most certaintly now innocent. The charges were dismissed and a peace bond is not an admission of guilt.

            I’m not sticking up for him, he’s not innocent in the court of public opinion, I’m just making sure you know what you’re talking about.

          • GrumblePup

            El Cabeza

            I do know what I’m talking about, I didn’t feel like writing a full essay and figured I said enough to make that clear, but I guess not.

            A peace bond might not be an admission of guilt, but it’s also not proof that he’s completely innocent.

            The charges were dropped because she didn’t want to come back to Toronto to testify. So yeah, he wasn’t found guilty. But that also isn’t an indication that the accusations were false either. It is a well documented fact that many people refuse to testify against their abusers.

            We don’t know the details as to what happened, maybe there was some truth to the allegations, maybe there’s not. I’m more willing to believe that there is some truth behind it, because holy shit, look at the world. Look how often this happens. You can choose to believe otherwise, and that’s fine.

            BUT, saying that the charges were dropped doesn’t mean that Osuna is 100% for sure innocent and I think it’s unhelpful to act as if everything is ok now because of this outcome. Not just in relation to this specific incident, but in general. This outcome allows the fans to turn a blind eye towards the problematic behaviour of athletes, and the fact that they often get passes because of their on field talent.

            Also, my original reply was to a guy saying that people were “low class fans” for booing a player who had received a 75 game suspension and was still a part of a criminal investigation for domestic abuse, which if you didn’t know, is a huge and ongoing problem in the sports world, I get the feeling that LAKID doesn’t really understand the underlying problem that this whole ordeal highlights.

            And on top of all of this, despite the outcome of the trial, (I would feel the exact same way if he was found 100% innocent or if he was found guilty) I do not think the MLB handles these situations in a manner that indicates that they actually care about the ongoing problem of domestic abuse, not only in sports but in the world in general. I feel that although their domestic abuse policy is a step in the right direction, it is more of a ‘saving face’ policy that allows the league and the teams to look good in the eyes of the public without actually taking a solid stand against abuse and using their place in society as a visible and influential entity to set an example and or/educate the public. I know it’s not the job of the MLB to ‘solve’ domestic abuse, but they (and other public entities) definitely have a role to play in it.

  • Knuckleballs

    Boo or no boo he locked it down for astros. From a baseball perspective both teams did ok in trade, but osuna is 5 years younger then Giles and more control. Other then that it was a sad end to his career in TO. Osuna will get his cheers in the playoffs and maybe a ring to boot.

    • The Humungus

      They’re both controllable through 2020. Giles will likely be cheaper and probably will be flipped next year at the deadline if the team isn’t contending and he’s pitching well.

      • Sammy the Bull

        I believe Osuna is now under team control through the 2021 season as his suspension reduced his MLB service time sufficiently to delay his free agency by a season. So from a purely baseball perspective, another factor that likely contributed to the Astros decision to acquire him.