Watch this Yankees fan be complete trash

The New York Yankees defeated the Oakland Athletics in the wild card game yesterday. It was an exciting time for fans in Yankee stadium as they watched their boys in pinstripes spank the Moneyball boys from the Bay Area en route to creating a classic ALDS showdown with the Boston Red Sox.

But, as exciting as it was, it’s never exciting enough to be this big of a dipshit…

Check out this huge asshole chucking a beer at this random other dude wearing an Oakland A’s jersey. What kind of corny-ass nonsense is this? This is some low-life, garbage-eating trash that, unfortunately, I’m not overly surprised to see in this instance.

Look, I’m not going to go out and say that all Yankees fans are trash. I’ve watched games at Yankee stadium in a Blue Jays jersey and nobody has given me shit for it. I’m also not going to say that there aren’t trash Blue Jays fans. We all  remember that idiot who chucked a beer on the field during our own wild card game a couple years ago.

I’m just saying this guy is an asshole and if you ever get so heated up at a sporting event that you feel the impulse to dump liquid that you spent ~$12 on somebody wearing a different jersey, please, do society a favour and dig yourself a hole in the privacy of your own backyard and just stay there.

Also, kudos to the A’s for actively trying to hook this dude up with a new jersey.