Former Blue Jays get it done for the Red Sox

The Blue Jays may be nowhere close to being competitive, but you can, uh, rest your head easy knowing that two former players played key roles in helping the Red Sox win yet another World Series.

The Jays dealt away J.A. Happ, Josh Donaldson, and a whole wealth of other players this year prior to the trade deadline, but Steve Pearce ended up being the guy who won it all. Pearce caught fire in Boston, slashing a .279/.394/.507 line with seven homers down the stretch. He then absolutely mashed in the playoffs, hitting key homers in Game 4 and Game 5 to help the Sox to the World Series and was awarded World Series MVP.

But, uh, Santiago Espinal! Woo! I mean, in all seriousness, nobody expected Pearce to perform like this. If they did, there would have been a higher demand for him and the Jays would have got more back in the trade. Still, boy does it suck handing a player like that to a division rival. Being a farm team to the real teams isn’t a fun feeling.

And then there’s David Price. Remember when he signed with the Red Sox and he said he was saving all his playoff wins for Boston? Well, he wasn’t joking. Price finally pitched well in the playoffs after choking for years. He tossed a nice game in a Game 2 win for the Sox and then pitched seven dominant frames in the series-clinching Game 5. Fuck, if only we had that David Price in 2015.


    Pumped on Price for getting to shut everyone up about his postseason record.

    Even more pumped that Sox fans that were hoping that he would opt out of his contract this offseason will now be praying he does the opposite. If I’m Price, I’m opting the hell out of that and laughing my ass off all the way to the bank.

    “Thanks for the ring guys who shit all over me, now pay me even more money.”

    • The Humungus

      You’re opting out of $127M at 33 years of age when a guy who’s 8 months younger than you couldn’t get more than $75M guaranteed less than a year ago?

      You’d really have to hate Boston fans a lot to do that if you were David Price.

  • dolsh

    Pretty stoked for Pearce. He was never going to get the at bats with Toronto that he needed to, so it’s great he got to go to a contender.
    (Happy for Price too)