Ricky Romero has a podcast and it’s awesome

I wake up at dawn every morning and I stare out the window of my condo. I gaze out at the glass walls and old brick that block the beautiful sunrise. A modern city with fingerprints of its old past pressing on the new streets. The light tries to slip through the cracks. I stand…


Dalton Pompey diagnosed with a concussion

Move over Devon Travis, there’s a new sheriff in town. With news of his most recent injury, Dalton Pompey has taken over the throne as the least-fortunate Blue Jay. Pompey has been diagnosed with a concussion and is now in Major League Baseball’s concussion protocol.


Putting Together the 2019 Lugnuts

As we come to the end of this speculative journey, I look back and find that circumstances won’t leave my preceding predictions alone. So permit me a moment to remark upon what has transpired and the ramifications thereof. First off, we now know that John Axford and Ryan Tepera will not be on the opening…


Putting Together the 2019 D-Jays

Shall we have another go at economy of words? Same format as before, hitters first where there’s less competition and fewer conflicts that on the pitching side. Catchers: As with Pentecost at AA, the holdover here improved late in the year but it’s reasonable to think the organization would want to see a bit of…