Mike Wilner reportedly isn’t doing Blue Jays Talk next season

Hey, look, an off-season transaction! Not one involving players, though. Apparently Mike Wilner’s days as host of Blue Jays Talk are over as TSN”s Scott MacArthur will join the Sportsnet broadcast team.

This isn’t overly surprising as Wilner hosted significantly fewer post game talks on the FAN590 last year. This was due to Wilner joining Ben Wagner and a rotation group of analysts in the broadcast booth with more frequency last season. I imagine this means he’ll be permanently calling games on the radio now.

The funniest thing about this report is all the rubes saying “great now I won’t be INSULTED by Wilner on the radio when I call in!” One of the best things about Wilner and Blue Jays Talk was him routinely dunking on the fans who called in to say absurd things like how THEY JUST DON’T WANT IT ENOUGH, FIRE SHAPATKINS BACK TO CLEVELAND, and BRING BACK RYAN GOINS. I personally found Wilner not holding back on callers to be the most entertaining thing about the show when I occasionally tuned in.

If you’re that breed of caller and you think you’re going to get a break now that Wilner is out of the mix, think again! I can’t really imagine Scott MacArthur being overly compassionate when it comes to hoards of terrible opinions coming through the phone lines. Let me tell you, no matter who is hosting this show, if you’re going to call in and say something dumb, you’re going to get told it’s dumb. Welcome to talk radio!

  • Starvenger

    Well good. We need more hosts that aren’t willing to just play nice when it comes to inane callers.

    One of my friends used to work in sports radio in Ohio. I think it killed him to be unable to dunk on some of the callers he got.

    • 81Expos

      Was Wilner at times impatient with callers ? 100% . But, I challenge anyone with more than passing knowledge of baseball and an interest in having real, grounded and factual conversations to do what he did for all of those years and not be fed up. I would often listen to Jays Talk after games if I was working late at the office. It was almost unbearable to listen to the fellas who’d call in half in the bag (I swear … you could hear the ice clinking around in their cocktail) and “educate” all of us on what was wrong with our beloved Jays and how trading the 25th man on the roster for one of the top 5 players in the game was the solution. I’ve never met Mike Wilner and there is a good chance he’d blast me for some of my opinions but I found him to be balanced , informed and grounded. I did listen to him and I’d do so again. Don’t know anything about MacArthur but I hope he isn’t simply a crowd pleaser.