Vlad season is almost upon us

There is nothing better than winter days, snowstorms, and the cold air eating your face. I mean, what Canadian doesn’t love to wake up in the early morning to the beautiful dark sky? And what Canadian doesn’t love to leave work to the beautiful dark sky, too?

It sincerely is the most wonderful time of the bleak year: no patios to sip drinks on, no outdoor concerts, no tall cans in the park, no lazy Sunday afternoons in the backyard, no baseball, no warm sun, no summer cottage life, and no early morning sunrises followed by late evening sunsets. What a time to be alive, eh?

If you’re from Toronto, nothing beats the early morning TTC hustle – standing in the cold waiting for a streetcar, or a bus, or trying not to fall on your ass walking up and down the slippery subway steps. And if you’re from the burbs, nothing beats warming up your car before you drive down the snow-filled streets in your subdivision to get to work: nothing beats the winter punch that leaves no toques behind.

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It’s that time of the year where we re-watch our favourite flicks, shows, or find something new to binge on Netflix or Crave while we wait for Opening Day. I am currently enjoying the nostalgic vibes of Cheers right now. I can’t get enough of Coach, Sam, Diane, Cliff, and NORM! They are keeping me company on these cold nights.

Even though it’s not a heck of a lot of fun to be in the heart of winter, there is something that is fast approaching, which will be more exciting than the final season of Game Of Thrones. And. That. Is. Vlad.

I know that many Jays fans aren’t necessarily thrilled about watching a team that might only win 70 plus games this season (hopefully more). But, we’re all going to get to see the best young player in the game set foot on the Rogers turf. We are all about to witness something very cool, something cooler than a dumb Alberta-clipper, that’s for sure.

We are about to cruise down something truly incredible as fans, something that baseball hasn’t seen in a long time. We are in for a rare ride and it’s going to have all the rock and it will roll. Believe the hype. The hype is real.

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I could go on and on about the greatest prospect in the game, but every legitimate human in baseball is already doing that. Every MLB scout has been sipping from the bottle of Vlad. Every Jays fan has been drunk on Vlad for two solid seasons. And it’s time to sober up because the future is here.

The Vlad show is going to be one we will always remember. Savor every second of it because this type of thing doesn’t happen very often. And there might not be anything leftover. Jays fans will sing with their best soprano voices. Vladdy is coming to break all things bad, and it’s going to be so good because nothing will be lost. So, cheers to Vlad because there is a new king who is ready to take the throne. Let the Vladdy games begin. We’re all in for a real treat, and I think that some fans might not understand exactly what is around the winter corner.

I decided to cut a trailer to start up the countdown to Vlad because the largest adult son is coming. We have been waiting for this moment, and it’s finally almost here. Sure, the Jays aren’t where we want them to be just yet, but the hope that comes with Vladdy is real, and it’s not going to be some boring tale.