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Oh no, Vlad Jr. is dealing with an injury

Ross Atkins and Mark Shapiro must have the Hall and Oates blasting this morning because…

So, that, ya know, sucks.

Clearly, this is all some elaborate plan by Mark Shapiro, Ross Atkins, Vlad, and Vlad’s agent to keep him down in Buffalo. The Jays front office forced Vlad to suffer this ‘mild’ injury, so that the service time issue will finally be over, which means that we will never have to hear those two dumb words again (until next year when it’s Bo’s turn). The ‘he’s not major league ready’ prospect is now injured – it’s Grade 1 Oblique Strain madness. Here’s where that is located on the body just in case you weren’t sure:

And here’s how long a ‘mild’ strain typically needs to heal:

Like all muscle strains, the oblique strain is broken down into three grades. Grade 1 is a mild strain, Grade 2 is a moderate strain and Grade 3 is a severe strain in which the muscle ruptures. While some mild oblique strains can be resolved in just a few days, severe strains can require surgery with a recovery time of 3-4 months.

I say take all the time you need Vlad. It’s not like you were going to be on the Opening Day roster anyway. It’s just really shitty that this had to happen. But, that just seems to be the way things go here in Toronto.

So cue the ‘Vlad needs to hit the treadmill’ jokes. Cue the ‘this is all bullshit’ Vlad conspiracy theories. Cue all the noise. At the end of the day, it’s just really shitty because spring training just got a lot less fun. Cool? Maybe. Super cool? Totally.

All jokes aside, here’s the latest on when we can expect Vlad to return to baseball:

At least, we have the Anthony Alford storyline to follow for the rest of spring training, right?

  • HNZ

    LOL I love that you had to show a diagram of the anatomy for the sweaties in here. Hitting the treadmill won’t help avoiding oblique strains. Brett Lawrie who was probably had the most athletic body to ever wear a Blue Jays uniform suffered from them. Didn’t Jose and Josh as well? Something in common with all of them that are both pro’s and con’s depending on how you look at it is that all their swings are pretty violent. Imagine taking the amount of swings they do in their career from the tee, to the cages everyday as a professional. Something’s gotta give. So those violent swings that work for them (minus Lawrie LOL) is a pro, the con is that shit will break when it wants to and most likely will always be a problem here and there as long as you keep swinging like that. If I had to give advice to any of them would be to do yoga, and really work on core and legs/glutes to help with the deceleration of those violent swings. It’s the foundation for both hitters and pitchers. The only one I really see put a lot of emphasis into it at the moment since Bautista and Josh are gone is Marcus.

  • Missileman

    Well that sucks – bought tickets 2 days ago for Jays/ Yankees this Thursday. At least maybe this will end the service time discussion as it became more than tiresome.