Ricky Romero has a podcast and it’s awesome

I wake up at dawn every morning and I stare out the window of my condo. I gaze out at the glass walls and old brick that block the beautiful sunrise. A modern city with fingerprints of its old past pressing on the new streets. The light tries to slip through the cracks. I stand there in deep thought, coffee in hand, and wonder about the day. I always take in that moment, its calm, and the quiet beauty of a sleeping city.

I look down at the corner of John and Wellington and watch the few people in their morning hustle to work. A hustle to their place to earn a buck – to make ends meet. Their feet move quickly; Blundstones protecting them. It’s one foot then the other, hands in parkas, as people are pulled to work. The buildings like magnets pulling them all in and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

I stand there at my window and look over at my empty balcony and the chair I used to sit in to smoke my morning cigarette. I don’t smoke dumb cigarettes anymore. No more darts for me; just my coffee and my coffee thoughts. Empty chair on the balcony. No more tobacco thoughts.

During these few minutes of peace before I have to hit those streets and join the rush of the coming hour, I often think perspicacious thoughts like a beat reporter who has insight where there is no sight. I think about ostentatious language and how it should be fired into the sun. And how I don’t like words like perspicacious and chicanery, but how I like to use the word fuck. I think about how that word shouldn’t offend people when the ways of the world are so much more offensive.

I sometimes think about things like this and tweet it to the few followers I have and hope that someone responds or likes it:

I think that Stoeten and Rosie DiManno would be gold. I sit there for a few minutes while I stare out my window and think about this question. Blue Jays thoughts spinning me mad – I spiral out of control. If it’s the worst combo, maybe it could be good? And then I think about Ricky Romero. I wish for a little NSFW Let’s Go Ricky Ro. And then this happens:

Yeah, that’s right people: Ricky fuckin’ Romero has a podcast where he interviews old Jays like Travis Snider and tells old fuckin’ stories about living in the hood in New Hampshire and how it sucked to fuckin’ suck and he doesn’t hold back on a single fuckin’ cuss, which is why I am fuckin’ rippin’ and rarin’ with the cusses right now because it’s better than fuckin’ gold.

I discovered this podcast this morning and I needed to share this shit with you. I listened to this Travis Snider episode and it was seriously the best thing I will hear all day. I am looking forward to more of this. And. Lots. Of. This.

If you think you’re down to hear Snider and Romero talk about sucking back a bunch of Budweiser and getting drunk together, then this is the podcast for you. And it’s not like it’s just a shit show of fucks mixed with more NSFW kind of stuff. It’s not just the rock n’ roll. It’s the jazz, too.

The things that these two reflect on as minor-leaguers like learning how to fail makes it worth the listen. The stories they share is all the terrific that any Jays fans needs to fill their ears with. I don’t really listen to podcasts, but this is one that I will be checking in on for sure. You’ve got to listen to this episode with Snider.

Ricky Romero has a podcast and it’s NSFW awesome.