A guide for how to behave at baseball games

To begin the 2018 Blue Jays season, I wrote ‘A Guide On How Not To Be That Person At A Blue Jays Game‘. It was to help every human out there who might unknowingly be that person. It happens. It’s okay. We all have our flaws.


A Realistic Look At The 2019 Blue Jays

We put on our rose coloured glasses to gaze at what could happen if everything goes right AND we also put on our Arby’s Nothing Matters glasses to look at what could happen if everything goes wrong. The 2019 Blue Jays will exist somewhere in the middle, so let’s put on our, uh, normal glasses…


The latest Rogers Centre renovation update: ‘It is large in scale”

It’s been a while since Mark Shapiro mentioned anything about renovations at Rogers Centre. Understandably, most of the Blue Jays’ efforts have been focused on the $80 million renovations at the club’s spring training facility in Dunedin. In the meantime, there will be some short-term renovations at the dome this year, but the Rogers Centre…