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Elvis Luciano has cracked the Jays’ roster, among others

The 19-year-old Rule 5 draft pick has officially made the 2019 Blue Jays roster.

Along with Luciano, 24-year-old lefty Thomas Pannone and infielder Richard Urena have been named to the roster for the upcoming season.

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It was almost a guarantee because of the Rule 5 pick, but now Luciano will most likely play in the majors after only playing rookie ball in 2018.

In 8.2 innings this spring, he has a massively inflated ERA of 11.42, totaled 10 strikeouts and walked eight batters. His situation will be delicate, but the Jays will now have to figure out where and when he can play. When he debuts, Luciano will become the first MLB player to be born in the 21st century.

He had a solid outing against the Brewers in the Montreal series before Opening Day — striking out Christian Yelich and forcing a Jesus Aguilar flyout — but the literal teenager’s situation is odd. Still a lot of possibilities up in the air, but it should all be decided soon.

Lefty Thomas Pannone had two shutout innings against the Brewers as well, demonstrating some solid relief possibilities and how the Jays’ bullpen might not be that dire after a couple of injuries to Ryan Tepera and John Axford.

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Beating out Eric Sogard for the final infield depth spot was Richard Urena. Hitting .302 and having a .786 OPS this spring training isn’t too bad for an extremely depth position.

Now up to 24 roster spots taken care of, the Jays have only one spot open for any sort of battle. One bullpen position and according to Shi Davidi, Bud Norris and non-roster invitee Javy Guerra are the only possibilities.

While Ryan Borucki, Clay Buchholz, Ryan Tepera, Devon Travis, Dalton Pompey, and David Phelps, all are out with injuries, the 2019 Blue Jays start off on a limping foot. More youth will be showcased, but maybe not the right kind of youth.

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  • Terry Mesmer

    Don’t save him for mopping up. Put him on a regular schedule. Have him face the bottom of the order. Tell him to work on his pitches and not worry about numbers.
    If that works for Elvis, let him pitch more than three outs (especially against tanking teams — there are four others in the AL). If in September he is throwing two or three innings every fifth day, I’ll be very impressed.
    So, two innings a week for the first 13 weeks, four innings a week for the last 13 weeks — that’s 44 to 52 appearances and 78 IP.
    That is way too much to hope for, of course, but if he’s going to be in MLB, worth shooting for. I think the Jays will compete for the wild card next year and 2019 is the year for experiments.