Apparently Rowdy Tellez just hit the longest home run ever recorded at Fenway Park

Nathan Eovaldi throws the ball really, really hard. Rowdy Tellez swings the bat really, really hard. If you put those things together and you get good contact, you’re going to get a ball that was hit really, really, reaaaaaaaally hard. That’s what happened tonight in Boston.

Tellez smashed a two-run bomb off of Eovladi in the third inning of tonight’s game in Boston. The speed of the ball off the bat was registered at a whopping 115.2 miles per hour and, according to Statcast, travelled 505 feet. If that’s correct, it means Tellez has hit the longest home run in Fenway Park history, surpassing the famous red seat Ted Williams homer from all the way back in 1946.

The ball makes a hell of a sound off the bat and you can tell Rowdy absolutely spanked it, but, on the replay, it doesn’t look like it went that far, right? But remember, Fenway being a janky ass stadium with weird dimensions means that a home run hit well into the seats in right field, as Tellez’s did, has to go pretty damn far.

I guess it’s time to take out the red seat and switch it with a blue seat that says Let’s Get Rowdy.

EDIT: So it turns out the homer wasn’t actually 505 feet, which, uh, kinda makes sense. Anyways, I’m thinking we just continue to say it’s the all-time longest home run at Fenway. Sounds good? Good.