Teoscar Hernandez went to hell and back last night

Welcome to the Teoscar Hernandez experience! While Hernandez has a lot of upside, mostly in his bat, he’s certainly prone to gaffes, both in the field and on the bases. Last night, we got a look at both ends of Hernandez’s spectrum.

In the sixth inning, Hernandez was standing at first with Brandon Drury at the plate and the Jays down 3-1. Drury took a 2-2 pitch for a ball, thought for some reason that he took a walk, and began to jog to first base. Hernandez, obviously confused about what was going on, began trotting to second base. The pitcher threw the ball to the first baseman and tagged Hernandez out before he could make it safely back to first.

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Uhhhhhhhhh. Okay! I’ll be honest, I don’t think this is on Hernandez so much as it is on Drury. I mean, Hernandez is the one who looks like a donkey on the play because he got thrown out, but the batter reaaaaaally needs to know what the count is.

Anyways, Hernandez obviously felt bad about the play, but he ended up compensating for it soon after when he absolutely demolished a pitch for a go-ahead three-run bomb. This homer felt special because it was reminiscent of Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion back in the good old days when they hit balls into space at Target Field.

The Jays would end up winning the game 5-3 on the power of that Hernandez bomb, a good start from Matt Shoemaker, and some solid relief pitching.

  • Morebaseball

    Bottom line it was the first base coach’s fault. My dream job get paid over 100000 hit ground balls in practice AND TELL the runner at first the count, how many outs and don’t get picked off. He making big bucks to make sure that shit doesn’t happen to the guy at first

    • Barry

      It’s all three, but you’re right that not enough blame is being directed at the coach.

      Drury forgot that count, which is something that happens from time to time.

      Teoscar deserves blame because he was clearly confused, but instead of doing the correct thing — checking the count — he shuffled a bit and started towards second. He was uncertain, therefore he should have checked with the umpire or the coach. Maybe he thought he’d look stupid if he asked; it’s better to be safe and stupid than out and stupid.

      The coach … That’s gotta be part of his job.